VI Poo TentLife Nuclear Edition

V.I.Poo tentlife edition

VI Poo to the rescue!!

Ever been camping and worried about how much your shits will stink?

All that BBQ food can result in some really smelly turds and nobody wants to be responsible for emptying the toilet block with their arse or causing unconsciousness in their tent.

Have no fear, take this with you on every camping trip and you will be known for dumps that are always ‘Lemony Fresh’.

VI Poo nuclear edition


There most powerful V.I.Poo every – NUCLEAR EDITION.

So whether  you shit it a bucket, or poop in a toilet block, V.I.Poo TentLife has got your turds covered.

Just spray before you lay, and all you will leave is happy scents instead green corpses.

Be a happy camper, not a smelly camper.

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