Silver Sands Holiday Park – Helston, Lizard

Silver sands holiday park

Silver Sands Holiday Park
Kennack Sands
TR12 7LZ
01326 290631

We wanted a campsite from where we could visit many of Cornwalls attractions. We originally wanted to stay at Henrys Campsite at Lizard but it was fully booked. However, if it hadn’t been full then we would not have found this great place.

We really like this family run campsite, it comes highly recommended. Have a read about Silver Sands in more detail below, and what we got up to during our stay.

We had an electric hookup (EHU), our pitch was centrally located on the campsite. There are only a few EHU pitches available. The main area for tent camping is opposite where we pitched, just past the shower/toilet facilities. There is a roadway that runs round in an oval/circle, with the tents pitched around the outside under the trees and in the centre is the kids play area. This arrangement is ideal if you are taking kids camping and you want to keep an eye on them from your tent whilst they are playing.

Lizard cornwall

Silver sands cornwall

There is also another large field for campers that want to stay for longer periods of time, there was only one tent there. This field is also used for dog walking, so if you have any four legged friends, they will be well catered for.

Have a read of all the places we visited whilst in Cornwall. If you only want to read about the camp site, then skip to the bottom of the page.


We left on Sunday roughly on time 9.30am and headed off down the m5. However soon after we were pulling onto the services as there was a fault with my wife’s car. A ‘depolution fault’ code was showing up on the dashboard and the car had no power.
We called out the RAC and they were there pretty quick. He did some tests and cleaned a few parts and then we were happily back on our way. The fault returned some 15 minutes from our destination but we managed to get to the campsite about 4.15pm. More about the car problems later.

With help from the kids we had the tent and porch up by 5pm and were soon settled in.

Tent set up at silver sands Pup tent Cornwall camping

The pitches in this area (we had EHU) are a good size and they are separated from each other by bushes and plants. The whole site is like being in a well looked after back garden, very clean and well kept. This place just has a lovely, friendly atmosphere.

The weather when we arrived was nice and warm, not too hot.

After finishing off setting up our home for the next few days, we went for a walk to a couple of pubs. We went to ‘Potters Bar’ and ‘The Cow Shed Bar’, both a short walk using the map of the area that was kindly given to us when we arrived.

Wifi, we paid £25 for the week for 5 devices, that meant that everyone of us could get connected to the internet – at some points it was slow but overall it was good and reasonably priced.


We had tinned spaghetti and bacon for breakfast. We cooked the bacon on the George foreman grille, such a versatile piece of kit. The spaghetti was supposed to have been cooked on our MSR type stove. However there was a fault with it and it wasn’t letting any fuel through so it kept going out. This is a matter we will look into and let you know our findings. We improvised and actually spooned the spaghetti on to the George foreman grille to cook. Sounds odd, was messy but it worked and tasted great.

The weather today was stunning.

What we did Monday;
Visited Kynance cove << here’s our review
Visited Lizard point << here’s our review

Kynance cove
Kynance cove

Here’s our Kynance Cove article.

Lizard Point
Lizard Point

Here’s our Lizard Point article.

Found a lovely place called Tregullas Farm Shop and Tea Room. This is the first season that the tea room has been in operation, they have a facebook page. We have coffee and home made scones.

Tregullas Farm Shop
Tregullas Farm Shop

We went for a walk down to the local beach (Kennack Sands), well its actually 2 beaches and because we had the dog with us, we could only go on the east beach, the left one as you look south over the ocean.

Mondays tea was cooked on our little BBQ and it was basically a meat feast using the ingredients we had purchased from home and stored in our fridge. One exception though was some lovey minted lamb strips that we had purchased from a local butchers.


What we did Tuesday;
Visited St. Ives,
Visited Lands End,
Visited Penzance.

Cornwall sights

First place we visited today was St.Ives. The weather wasn’t great but we parked up on Trenwith car park and walked down to the sea front. We didn’t stop here for long as it was really busy. We didn’t know what to expect when we got here, but we had a walk through the town to the sea front. The beaches don’t allow dogs on them, so we grabbed a pasty and found a bench on the front to have our lunch before we returned to the car to head off to Lands End.

St.Ives Cornwall

Next on our days visit list was Lands End. Now, we weren’t expecting much when we came here – one of those places that you say you’ve been to. What we didn’t expect to find was a Theme Park. Yes, there is now a theme park at Lands End. When you arrive, there is a large car park (£6 to park) and then you are funnelled through the entrance into the theme park area. Great if you’ve got kids, lots of entertainment for them with lots of people walking around dressed as pirates and other nautical characters – Not so much fun for the adults who weren’t expecting such an in-your-face commercial onslaught. Anyway, once through this section you quickly get to the traditional Lands End, with the world famous sign and lovely views out onto the ocean. I did enjoy visiting Lands End but can’t help but think that I would have enjoyed it more if we had parked a little further away and had a nice walk along the coastal path to see this world famous sight (and not its Theme Park).

Lands End
Lands End

Because of the problem we were experiencing with our stove not being fed fuel, we popped into Millets store (Penzance) to purchase a gas canister to fit it. We also grabbed a Costa and then headed back to the campsite.


We have some free car breakdown cover with our car insurance (not AA or RAC, we pay extra for that), so we had the breakdown guy come out to remove fault code on Mrs TentLifes car. He wasn’t happy because he wanted to take the car away but we wouldn’t let him. We insisted on just having the fault code removed from the ECU so we could get the car home and fix it ourselves. We didn’t want to be at the mercy of the local garage and also had a feeling we could repair it ourselves. Turns out we were right and we avoided getting ripped off.

What we did Wednesday;
Visited Trebah Gardens << here’s our review
Visited Roskillys, makers of local ice cream,
Visited Coverack.

So today we visited Trebah Gardens, which is a wonderful sub-tropical garden located near Falmouth. This place is well worth a visit. They have a lovely tea room, great craft shop and plant nursery. Grab a map and take one of the many walks through the beautiful gardens down to the beach. I’ve written more about Trebah Gardens in a separate post.

Trebah Gardens
Trebah Gardens



Here’s our Trebah Gardens article.

Following our Trebah walk, we decided to visit Coverack as it was on our way back to Silver Sands.

On way to Coverack we saw a sign for Roskillys Farm, the place where they make the local ice cream. So we made a slight detour and decided to stop off. We stopped in at the Croust House Restaurant, grabbed ourselves a table outside and proceeded to consume a few tubs of their famous flavours. Our new puppy certainly approved as you can see from the photos.

Roskillys ice cream
Roskillys ice cream

This is the place where they make the ice cream – if you have a small tub you get to choose 2 flavours. Really tasty, would definitely have again.

We drove into Coverack but there’s not much to see, so we drove straight back out and went back to the camp site.

Evening meal consisted of pizza, pasta n sauce with chicken. The pizza was cooked in our halogen oven, chicken cooked on the George Foreman and the rest was cooked on the fuel stove with the gas canister fitted.


What we did Thursday;
Visited St. Michaels Mount << Here’s our review
Visited Penrose.

St. Michaels Mount – When we arrived the tide was in so we had to take the little ferry over to the Mount. The ferry is £2 for adults and £1 for children. We had a look around the grounds/castle and then walked back to mainland as the tide had gone back out to reveal the man made path. I will write more about St. Michaels Mount and add the link here.

St michaels mount
St michaels mount

From St. Michaels Mount we drove to Penrose. We parked at Penrose Hill and took a lovely walk past Penrose house, via the Tea Rooms and then down the side of Loe Pool and to the beach. The walk was wonderful (I shall write more soon), and then you arrive at the beach. Loe Bar actually separates Loe Pool from the sea, so you can stand and look at the sea on one side and the still pool on the other.

Penrose hill
Penrose hill

Whenever we go away, we often like to try the local fish and chips. This time we visited Smugglers, located on Kynance Terrace (The Square), Helston. There are a few other shops around the square, so its a good place to pick up any supplies you may need. It was very busy but efficient. We only had to wait 10 minutes for a order of 5 cod and chips, and it was well worth it. There are a few tables right outside the chip shop, where we sat and ate our very tasty food. Well worth a visit.

Smugglers fish and chips
Smugglers fish and chips


We decide to leave early and had to pack the tent away in the rain. We had cereal for breakfast and then washed and packed away all our stuff. As the tent was packed away wet, we will have to get it back out when we get home so that it dries out and doesn’t go mouldy.

We had a very very long drive back home. There had been a number of serious accidents on the motorway which meant that our journey took 9 hours. At least we got home safely, sadly some people didn’t.


We had an amazing time in Cornwall, Silver Sands was a lovely place to stay. The campsite allowed us to visit so many amazing places, and give us some wonderful memories. I certainly recommend this campsite and would definitely stop there again.

On arrival, Reception very helpful and friendly. The lady provided us with details of the facilities along with a map of the local area (including some local pubs).

The WiFi was good, sometimes a little slow but most campsites suffer the same.

Singer sands

As I said earlier, this site is family run and it shows. It’s very well looked after and has a very friendly feel to it. The people that own the site are very friendly and helpful.

Down by the entrance to the site is a little shed (Information Point) that is packed with brochures of local information, maps etc. It also has toys in it for the kids to borrow, play with and bring back when they are finished with. You don’t normally get that level of attention to detail on larger sites.

Washing up / Laundry – Nice large washing up facilities and a separate room for doing your laundry.

Showers – They were excellent, free and lovely and hot. They had plenty of room, a shower curtain splits each cubicle in half so you can hang up your clothes and keep them dry. There is also a plastic stool in each cubicle to put stuff onto, very handy.

Kids are catered for with a lovely large play area with some climbing equipment, as well as trees to run and hide amongst – also keeping it cool and the little ones out of direct sunlight.