Poweradd Camping Lantern

Camping light

Choosing the right camping lantern

Getting the right lighting for your tent is very important. There are so many choices that it’s difficult to know what to buy.
We were looking for a light we could hang up inside the tent, it needed to illuminate our living space during the evening whilst our family sat and had our evening snacks, drinks and played games (or worked, adults).

Camping light

We purchased the PowerAdd Camping Lantern from Amazon and did a quick video review before we tested it in the real world.

One thing we want to do at TentLife is bring you honest reviews that are unbiased and of value to you. We purchased this light with our own money and it wasn’t a freebie from a company looking for kind words.

That said, this light/lantern is brilliant and does everything we need from it.

Small, lightweight, charges quickly and lasts a long long time.

It charges up via USB cable (supplied), and can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones (we haven’t tried this feature).

We have now used this light on 5-6 camping trips since we first purchased it and did the video review and it’s been excellent. There are 3 light strenghs on this light. After the light has been fully charged (we leave it on charge during the day as we normally have an EHU), if first gets used in the evening on full power. It stays on full for a good 3/4 hours in the evening before we settle down to sleep. At this point we turn the light onto it’s lowest level and leave it on overnight. It acts as a nightlight for if the kids/adults need to get up and go to the toilet etc.

Tent lanternWhen we wake up in the morning, the light is still on and hasn’t dimmed at all. So every camping night it supplies 3/4 hours of strong light that easily illuminates or ‘not small’ living area and then acts as a nightlight right through to the next morning.

We are very very happy with the PowerAdd Lantern and it is certainly worth the money. It’s not a budget light but at least you should be able to buy confidently knowing that it is fit for purpose and you won’t have to spend more money buying a different light in the future.

At the time of writing this follow up, the PowerAdd brand of this lantern is temporarily unavailable via Amazon. However there are a number of other lights that look identical and are probably just a different brand, they are Lanktoo  / Tomons / Milool.

Here is the link to the video review of the PowerAdd Lantern – click here.