Nantcol Waterfalls Caravan & Camping Park Snowdonia


Nantcol Waterfalls Caravan & Camping Park Snowdonia
Cefn Uchaf,
LL45 2PL

The setting for this campsite is amazing, I would have happily paid the £3 to park to walk along the waterfalls. The site is large and being mid-August it was very busy, we had plot number 10 with electric hookup, on arriving at around 5pm on a Tuesday we were issued with some parking permits and two sheets of paper one stating some site rules and another about how to control your dog (we had decided to take the children and dog to the beach first because the weather was beautiful) the people in the next tent had spotted how small the space was and he offered to move some of his guy ropes back. Whatever campsite we have stayed on the tents have always had to be 8 metres apart (for fire safety reasons), however we pitched up (the same gentleman that had offered to move the guy ropes commented on how fast our tent had gone up) the problem now was that it was a little like the Krypton Factor/obstacle course to get between either sides of the tent, fortunately our tent as a door both front and rear. I had noticed that there was a lot of groups that had brought smaller tents that had been pitched in front of the main tents, so there were tents and cars everywhere, along with lots of campfire debris had to be cleared in order to pitch our tent so that it didn’t damage the base of the tent.

After setting up we began to prepare our dinner, the children went off exploring and people seemed to be having fun, we ate dinner and I went off to wash some microfibre bath towels that we had used at the beach, ready for them to dry overnight, it was at this point that I noticed the smoke a lot of smoke, everyone liked a campfire it seemed and being stood in the middle of the campsite it was a little overwhelming, well I was coughing and I’m not usually bothered by these things, I did begin to wonder if washing the towels had been the greatest idea, I also decided against a shower that night because my hair was only going to end up smelling of smoke. The facilities look perfectly pleasant from the outside, 2 blocks of sinks to wash up each containing 2 and 3 sinks, the laundry room had 2 washing machines that you could use from 12 midday until 9pm (£3 per cycle) and 2 tumble driers (£1 for 20 minutes). There is a female toilet block containing 5 toilets one was blocked for nearly 2 days without any warning sign and it was horrible because people had continued to use it, 2 sinks one hand drier and 3 mirrors. There was also another female block that had 3 sinks and some electric points which was always full in the morning up until at least 10.30 am and a block of female showers containing 3 showers, not temperature adjustable that they charge 50 pence for 5 minutes for. I’m disabled there was one disabled facility that doubled as a baby changing room, it had a toilet with rails a sink with no plug and only one tap that gave out warm water and a shower with a cheap green plastic garden chair in it, every time I wanted a shower it was occupied I even waited for over 10 minutes at one point, I couldn’t use the sink wash anything so I had to use the disabled toilet and then use the sink in the non disabled female toilet block, (it’s extremely difficult to push down and hold a tap on when you’re having to use both hands to hold you up, at least with a plug you could struggle and fill the sink and then use it). The shower I took early Wednesday evening after spending the day at Black Rock Sands, floating in the sea and having a gas BBQ on the beach was freezing cold and I mean Freezing and being disabled and already having to struggle the cold water just made it a horrible experience (the sea was warmer), our daughters also complained that the shower were cold, my Husband said his was fine, (although he only likes the water at body temperature). We did get 2 free replacement cards but the shower was still only tepid at best.

Being sandwiched together meant that you could hear everything that surrounded you, there was/is a no noise after 11pm but with all the groups and the campfires and drinking it was noisy every night after 11pm also my car was being used as some sort of goal post apparently it’s perfectly acceptable to do this whilst playing very loud music on your portable speaker. The noise continued until 2:30am on Thursday night/Friday morning some people had decided to move their tents closer together because some people had left so they were knocking in tent pegs whilst having a party. On Friday we got new neighbours 2 couples in their 30’s that were drinking and having a good time (which I’m all for) hitting each other with inflatable sticks, however the drinking continued and at 1:40am Saturday morning I was being made aware whilst lying in my bed trying desperately to catch up on some sleep that when they got married she wasn’t changing her name and that she wasn’t owned by anyone. She had had also announced that they work hard so they’re entitled to be loud and annoying, because they’re just letting their hair down. There was no one on sight at that time to complain to.

They have Wi-Fi that you can pay to use £5 was the daily rate, we purchased some purely to find a restaurant to go and have a nice meal at, it didn’t connect for longer than 4 minutes, we tried on and off all day when we were at the site. After packing away on Saturday, we went to the reception to complain about the Wi-Fi we had purchased the day before, the lady at reception called someone and then said that it was because of the weather (it had turned wet and windy) she then went on to state that they pay a fortune to the company that provide the Wi-Fi and that if we had stood around the reception (in the rain and wind) the Wi-Fi would have worked. She offered us another card but we told her that we were leaving today so we were issued a refund. I had wanted to complain to about the noise on Thursday, but we’d had a nice day and there was only a young boy at the reception, so I mentioned the noise to the lady said we should have reported it on the day, but like I previously mentioned no one is around at night and some of the noise had been the early hours of Saturday morning, as I was explaining why I hadn't been able to complain it became apparent that she wasn’t bothered and she was actually rude and she seemed offended that I had complained to her about the noise.

It’s obviously a popular place and the Waterfalls are beautiful, not everyone I spoke to was happy about the site and the facilities, it’s designed for groups of people who want to sit around a campfire drinking alcohol and having a good time until the early hours of the morning, I have nothing against this. However, had I have known this I could have booked somewhere less rowdy and more family friendly, my Husband, three daughters (aged 16, 12 and 11), dog and I go away to enjoy exploring to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy the peace and tranquility of being in the countryside, we like to be asleep by around midnight ready to spend the new day exploring the area we’ve come away to visit I think 50 pence for a cold shower is ridiculous, the disabled facilities need looking at, the tents being so close together is a fire hazard especially with the number of campfires, everything feels aimed at getting as much profit as possible. The customer service is fine if you don't want any issues addressing.