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There are so many different options available for cooking when camping, we used to use a lot a electrical cooking appliances we would take our Philips air fryer from home but it was getting scratched and it takes up a bit of space so we purchased a halogen cooker and the George foreman grill, along with these we used a double gas burner stove, then there's the small charcoal BBQ, it gets to a point where you're thinking how much stuff do I NEED TO simply cook? It gets that you need more and more space, so you're thinking about a bigger car or buying a trailer, roof box or something along those lines.

Some of the kit that's available is expensive and I'm not knocking it, but you don't want to keep forking out money and having more kit to take with you, we wanted to move away from electric for a few reasons, some places have pitches that have great views but they don't have Hook Ups available, it’s adding to the cost of your trip, some rural sites don't have Hook Ups at all and we only need electric to charge our phones, Laptops and cameras, I'm not here to tell you whether having a Hook UP is right or wrong (it's none of my business) surely it's personal preference? We got rid of the double stove and replaced it with smaller single stoves a Coleman unleaded and the Vango Roar both far superior to and taking up a fraction of the space of the double stove (if you factor in the gas bottle then you’re up a lot of space).

We needed something to replace the electricals and this is where the Party Grill 600 came in, it’s not small but it does pack away quite compactly, and it fits into its own carry bag, it is also available in a smaller size, so what is so great about this piece of kit? The first time I used it I cooked at our charity camping weekend on it for over 40 people a BBQ in the evening and then the morning after a full English for everyone. It was used for quite some time, I found the height of it comfortable and it cooks quickly, it performed well. The hotplate can be used for your bacon, sausage, eggs, I fried onions on ours. For the burgers I flipped the hotplate over and you have a large griddle plate. There is a circular wire rack for your standard BBQing and oven type cooking with the lid and also a pan attachment so you can us it like a stove.

Next was a trip to Bala in Wales, we like kayaking and Bala happens to have an award-winning tradition butchers, so it was a win, win. We arrived Friday afternoon went to the butchers and got bacon, some different varieties of sausage and some eggs, we also got some flavoured chicken kebab on skewers along with beef kebabs, I spotted some rather beautiful welsh lamb chops some minted and some with a chilli and herb marinade, so they got purchased also. We always try and buy locally whilst away to help support the local economy, plus it nearly always tastes better than meat purchased from the supermarket. Again, we used the hotplate, I was really starting to enjoy the grill and the ignition is always a welcome especially if there is any wind. I started to think about what else I could cook on it, you can get be a bit feed up with BBQ all the time, especially if you’re away for more than a few nights, so after a wonderful weekend away we had made plans to go Robin’s Hood Bay, Yorkshire for Whitsun.
On arrival in Yorkshire it was foggy and thick with mist, this was set for the week, we asked on our Facebook group for suggestions in the Lake district (it was warm there, very warm) a wonderful lady found us a pitch and we drove across the country into the sun. This is when I used the party grill to make pizza, a lovely mixed grill with fries, and also fajitas, we did eat out one evening in a lovely pub in Cockermouth called The Bitter End (the bar is dog friendly) but of the four of us (2 Adults and 2 Teenagers) we had £20 change from £100, this is why being able to cook whilst away is a great for our pockets!We spent a weekend in the peaks with the party grill and I used it to cook a whole chicken using the lid like an oven and some rather delicious American Fluffy pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.


I took our eldest at the beginning of July with her boyfriend to Gower and I cooked a lovely one pot Welsh chicken, vegetable, potatoes with cider that was LUSH.


Our most recent trip was Scotland and we’ve cooked more pizzas, warmed Naan breads, slow cooked a one pot chicken curry and we’ve made steak and homemade potatoes wedges.

This is an excellent bit of kit and you can use it for everything, even boiling the kettle. It’s well priced and really, it’s all you need. For something I didn’t think I needed, I couldn’t and wouldn’t be without it!

It’s easy to light you, you can control the temperature and it’s got a temperature gauge in the hood. It’s easy to assemble and clean, it saves lots of space, it removes the need for an EHU (electric hook up, well for us it does.) You put water in the reservoir for help with cleaning and to stop the collection of oil, grease, fat getting hot near a near a flame. I really can’t say enough positive things about it and it better priced than some alternatives that are available on the market.

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