Coleman Sportster 2 – Unleaded

coleman sportster 2

We purchased the Coleman Sportster stove because we were tired of having to transport a gas bottle for the traditional double gas hob.  We also wanted something slightly smaller for when we backpacked or wanted to travel a little lighter.

Some use the cartridge type but I have a hole in my groundsheet and was deaf for 2 days not to mention how lucky I am not to have been seriously injured when our cartridge stove exploded, I with cooking sausages when I turned away from the stove there was an almighty bang, the pan and the pot holder flew up in the air and the stove was bent beyond recognition, they landed on the floor and melted the groundsheet. I would never use another cartridge stove. Lots of people use gas bottle powered stoves and I suppose that they work perfectly fine and are cheap to run, however I find that they’re slow and don’t boil rapidly.  We don’t eat out when we’re away, we cook at camp and like to have different meals. Cooking pasta seems to take forever on the gas stove because you can’t get the water to achieve a rolling boil. Another thing I really enjoy is boiled eggs for breakfast and I like them runny so you need get the water up to boiling as fast as possible. This has proven to be impossible with gas stove.

The Coleman Sportster stove runs on unleaded petrol or Coleman fuel (which is nearly identical to unleaded but it burns cleaner), which is readily available. The stove has its own tank that stores the fuel securely so you don’t have to carry a big jerry can around with you, although you can carry more petrol with you in an aluminium bottle like the ones that come with MSR burners.

It's easy to use, fill it up, twist and undo the air value give it two full turns, then pump it 20-25 times with your thumb over the hole, closed the value and away you go! Two enamel cups of boiling water in 2 minutes (you have to measure the water)

Petrol burns at a high temperature, so you can boil a pan of water or a kettle very fast, which is one of things that I love about it (I can have a coffee quickly after setting up!).

Since its purchase, we have used it on every single camping trip. We have an MSR type burner also, but I prefer the Coleman.  Its already assembled, so I don’t have to mess about setting it up. Yes, the MSR is more portable in terms of backpacking, the Coleman does take up I bit more space and it’s heavier than a MSR, but I don’t mind the sacrifice. It comes with it’s own storage box, so it doesn’t get bashed about. The only thing I would say about the Coleman is that it doesn't come with a funnel to fill it and the hole is pretty small, I just purchased some small funnels but it would be nice if it came with one.

Technical specifications / Features

  • Multiple power options - can be run using both Coleman® fuel and unleaded petrol
  • 2500W power output
  • Carry case included
  • Dimensions: 15 x 12cm
  • Boil time: 1 litre - 4.58 minutes
  • Weight: 1.19kg

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