Fudgies Bakehouse in Woolacombe

Award winning pasties Woolacombe

Fudgies Pasties – So Good !!

Award winning pasties Woolacombe

We made it the last thing we did before we said goodbye to Woolacombe, had our second pasty from Fudgies and scoffed it down before our long drive home. Why because they are ‘bloody georgeous’.

I’m sure that we would have stumbled across this gem at some point, but I feel I should take credit for this find because if I hadn’t forgotten my shorts for swimming then my family would not have been getting dragged around Woolacombe looking for some more.  We were actually going in to Fudgies because Mom wanted to treat the kids to an ice cream, but as soon as the smell of the pasties hit our noses the thought of a mint-chocolate-chip went straight out of the window and was replaced with the mouthwatering thought of a hot and fresh ‘Steak and Stilton’ pasty.

Pasty woolacombe

The shop was busy but we got served quickly. It was lovely and clean, the staff were also very friendly and helpful and there’s plenty of fillings to choose from.

They were delicious, not one single complaint from our large party. I had the ‘Steak and Stilton’ (twice, haha) and can honestly say that it was full of flavour, not greasy and very filling.

So if you find yourself on holiday in Woolacombe then do consider getting yourselves a fill from Fudgies Pasties , you won’t be disappointed. Location details are below.

Fudgies Bakehouse, 4 West Road Woolacombe, EX34 7BW

4 west road woolacombe

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