Vango Voltaic Roll Away EHU review

vango voltaic roll away mains cable

I was desperate to replace our current hookup cable, it’s old, thick, awkward and a thorough nuisance. I wanted to replace it with something convenient, easy to use and lightweight and I think that the Vango Voltaic Roll Away ticks those boxes.

If you are going camping and like to take a few creature comforts with you or just need to charge up your mobile phones, then you need to be able to connect to the electricity using a decent electric hookup cable (EHU).

I first tried this cable on our recent visit to Rhandirmwyn in Mid Wales, it worked flawlessly and made my life that little bit easier. It’s 15 metres long, features 3 household (3 pin) plug sockets, 2 usb ports and an inbuilt RCD (residual current device) trip switch. An RCD is really important for outdoor use/safety, especially in damp conditions and I wouldn’t use an EHU without one.

Photo – Old EHU

ehu mains cable

Why did it make camping easier?

- For charging our phones and other gadgets via usb, we would normally have to take a 4 port plug with us. However because the Vango Voltaic Roll Away has 2 USB ports built in, we didn’t need to bring the plug so one less thing to pack/forget.
- It’s built in LED light is really useful for lighting up the area where you are using it. It has a cool round switch that is easy to press to turn on/off.
- There are stabilising feet on it that pull out of each side, so it won’t fall over when you have it standing tall with everything plugged. This is also the best way to have it when you are using he inbuilt LED light.
- Rolling away was really easy and effortless. Even though the ground was a little muddy and the electrical cable had gotten dirty, I stayed clean as all I needed to do once it was unplugged was just to turn the handle and wind up the dirty cable.</p>

vango voltaic roll away

Worth the money?

Well having used it, I would say that the build quality is good. It just works, in a compact and very user friendly design. No more fighting with the thick and dirty cable of my old hookup, now it’s wind-up and go in just 30 seconds. Now I’m off to weigh in my old hookup at the metal merchants and buy myself some more camping gear !!

The Vango Voltaic Roll Away main cable, A very tidy solution.

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At the time of writing this review, Winfield Outdoors was the cheapest place we could find that had it in stock. They were selling it for £59.99. I think you might also get another 5% off your first order, and their site did also say that it was free delivery over £50.

vango voltaic roll away

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