Halogen camping cooker

Halogen oven camping

The forgotten camping cooker

We purchased a halogen oven for cooking whilst we were camping at Gillside in the Lake District. We (I, Mr TentLife – guilty as charged) had forgotten to pack some of our cooking equipment, we had the food we needed for the family but nothing to cook it on.

The weather was unpredictable so we needed something we could safely use inside our porch area. We couldn’t use a BBQ, and an electric grille wouldn’t be versatile enough as we not only had stuff like sausages and bacon to cook, but also a whole chicken and nann breads.

The Halogen Oven was purchased from the B&M store in Penrith at a small cost of £24.99.
Made by Daewoo, it easily fits a large chicken in its huge 17ltr bowl. It cooks using a Halogen bulb and a fan that circulates the air evenly resulting in perfectly cooked food quicker than a normal oven. It’s got a timer on it so that you can just set it and leave it. Or if you are really hungry you can sit there staring watching your food cooking through the clear glass bowl.

Hooray for the halogen camping cooker

It’s really versatile and we’ve been really happy with the results. In fact, it’s so versatile that it has now become one of our preferred items to take with us for camping cooking (with EHU obviously). Many people on our TentLife FaceBook group have raved about their halogen camping cooker too, stating how it saves money and you can make great meals with it.

halogen camping cooker

Here’s a list of the things we have cooked in it so far :-
– beef burgers (10 minutes for 4)
– Sausages (10 minutes for 12)
– Whole chicken (45 minutes, medium size)
– Nann breads (2 minutes warmed)
– Oven fries (15 minutes)
– Quiche (15 minutes)
– Chicken burgers (10 minutes)
– Pizza (20 minutes)
– Croissants (15 minutes)

It’s also useful for keeping stuff warm whilst you are preparing other stuff.

So if you normally have an electric hookup (EHU) when camping, we seriously recommend getting one of these halogen ovens.
We’ve had no problems with it tripping the electric, this one is only 1300w and Halogen cooking is very efficient anyway.
If you have any suggestions as to what else we can cook with the Halogen oven, please use the comments section below.

Halogen oven

Other advantages of this ove as a camping cooker :-
– Very easy to use,
– Very easy to clean,
– Cooks food quickly and evenly
– Cooks healthily as the fat drains away from the food,
– Cooks healthily as you are not cooking in any oil or fat
– You can cool stuff at the same time using the supplies grilles/stands (chips/burgers)
– Great when the weather is rubbish as it doesn’t have to be used outside like a BBQ

Where to buy?
Certainly shop around if you do decide to purchase one of these ovens, we only paid £25 for ours. At the time of writing this article the Daewoo branded oven has gone up in price online, but you can get exactly the same oven with a different name on it for £30 delivered. There are some links below that you may find useful.

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  1. Glenn Turner
    11th August 2017

    Fry ups,pasta bake,jacket potatoes,sausage or any casserole, shepereds pie,lasagne and roast dinners. Done some of these whilst camping

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