Exped have been brilliant, they've helped us no end, Mrs TentLife suffers from a prolapsed disc in her lower spine, sleeping whilst camping is challenging to say the least she tried expensive mats with memory foam toppers then putting that on a double camp bed, it was still extremely painful. After speaking to Exped and listening to their advice she now is much more comfortable at a fraction of the cost, hindsight is a wonderful thing. We now sleep on Exped mats and wouldn't really consider anything else. We intend to review other Exped products because customer service and quality go a long way!

Here are the reviews of the sleeping mats that we're using at the moment.
EXPED Synmat UL7M sleeping mat
The Ultralight and super compact mat that offers warmth and comfort
EXPED Synmat Mega 12 Sleeping Mat
A sleeping Mat that is ideal for all types of camping, small, thermal, comfortable and light!
EXPED MegaMat 10 LXW Self Inflating Mat
One of the most comfortable camping beds you will ever sleep on!

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