Vango Roar Stove

vango roar camping stove

We've been testing this stove for a while now, it's been away on a lot of trips with us now and we can honestly say that it's been fabulous.

This stove is effortless to use and has been totally reliable, that's how it's become one of our most favourite stoves for cooking everything and preparing hot drinks.

primus pans on vango roar
vango roar steak mushrooms
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We've been running the Roar on gas, as it comes out of the box being able to be screwed directly onto most popular gas canisters.

coleman c500 gas canisterWe've been using these Coleman C500 self sealing canisters as they were a good price from Amazon. We've experienced no problems using these, the stove fits onto them quick and easy with no problems.

The other thing that is handy about this stove is that it is self igniting. There's a little red button at the bottom, so just turn the gas on, give it a click and hey presto - FIRE. So although you should be carrying some matches with you, if you loose them or they get wet then all is not lost.

This stove packs away pretty small, all of the arms fold down and it comes with it's own funky bright orange plastic carry cylinder.

Although it is compact, this stove can safely handle decent sized pans as the arms fold out and double in length. This means that it is very stable when you are using a frying pan or other large bottomed pan.

So why is it called the 'Roar'? Well it pumps out 3600watts of heat which makes it quite a powerful little stove. We've used it to heat up large pans of soup, and it's brought them up to a nice hot bubble in double quick time. On the other hand, it can be turned right down to keep your meal on a low simmer without burning anything. The technical spec says it can boil a litre or water in 3 minutes. We've done our own real world test, using our kettle we get 3 mugs of piping hot coffee from the Roar in just 4 minutes - excellent.

primus pans on vango roar

So it's small and compact but packs a big punch. It's reliable and seems to be well built enough to give you many years of service without bits dropping off it at a price that won't break the bank.

We do rate this stove, alongside our trusty Coleman Unleaded we know we can always rely on it. We have used it a lot and the truth is, it comes with us on every camping trip because it is so handy and it really does do the job it was set out to do - with ease.