EXPED MegaMat 10 LXW

I had previously purchased the EXPED SynMat 12 (now renamed the MegaMat Lite 12 LXW)  more for backpacking, but I had been using it for family camping too. It was comfortable enough for a few nights with my back condition (I have a torn disc in my spine L5,S1 and arthritis in my hips), so for a non-injured or disabled person the SynMat 12 is excellent, warm, comfortable and packs down quite small.

I needed to replace the SynMat 12 with something more comfortable for longer trips as some of ours are 10 nights, being able to feel my legs and not be in extreme pain in the morning is important to me. I had read about the MegaMat 10 when researching the SynMat but it was too big for backpacking, anyway this what I found - The R-Value of the Megamat is high, 9.50,  It’s works down to a temperature of -48 °C.

So what is this R-Value well here it is in layman’s terms?
R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance. You lose heat away from you through the ground and also the cold from the ground comes through your mat and makes you cold. The higher the R-Value the less cold from the ground comes through and the less heat you’re going to lose to the ground. therefore the warmer you will be. I have used this mat in temperatures of -6 °C and below, and with a season 4 sleeping bag I’ve been sweating, so it works!


The mat is a decent size 77cm wide, 197cm long and 10cm thick where the weight of the mat is 2605g. We have to singles and they comes with straps that join the two together (they’re available in a double). The mat is self-inflating and comes with a small pump to top it up should you want to firmer. I’ve found that not having it too firm is the most comfortable. There are two baffles at the end of the mat for inflation and one for deflation, so it’s easy to adjust the firmness.

There is a pump is provided so you don’t blow into the mat. Your breath contains moisture and this can cause problems as it can wet the internal foam which can lead to it going mouldy, it can also damage the internal glue. The Mats come with a 5-year warranty, so if looked after properly you will have an extremely comfortable bed for at least 5 years (better than sending cheaper airbeds to landfill). Lyon also offer a repair service for these mats, so it’s really win-win.

Mine mat is red but it's also available in Green, I prefer the red! I’ve been using mine for a year now and I love it. I sleep on a Tempur Mattress at home, whilst this isn’t exactly the same it’s a close second, many of you may find this more comfortable than your beds at home. it may be more expensive than some SIMs on the market but this will blow a lot of them out of the water, and with it's 5 years warranty, surely that shows you how good a mat it is?  You can also feel good that you won’t be sending mats to landfill or having to keep replacing mats which require more plastic production.

The vertical side walls allow for a level edge to edge sleeping surface in all directions, this gives the feeling that you’re lying on your bed at home.  It also prevents the edges squashing down and prevents you from rolling off the mat. Along with the open cell PU foam, the mat is covered by a soft flexible fabric that makes the mat act like a memory foam, it is extremely comfortable. These can be used in vans and campervans, you could also use this at home for guests that are staying over.

Lyon is a great UK company and they only work with proven great brands, the staff are lovely also thorough, extremely skilled and passionate, read here about our visit, which was a privilege because it’s not open to the public.

Pack Size

The mat when deflated rolls up and fits in a bag which is provided, the packed dimensions are as follows:
Packed height 79cm
Packed diameter 25cm
Pack volume 39L
Packed height 79cm
Packed diameter 25 cm

It know comes with a Smart pack sack: Height-adjustable roll top bag with carry strap, which can also be used as a shoulder bag.

Technical specs for the mat cover and filling.

Top: 50 D Polyester, TPU Polyether film laminate, hydrolysis resistant, honeycomb embossed, Oeko-Tex® 100 certified
Bottom: 75 D Polyester, TPU Polyether film laminate, hydrolysis resistant, Oeko-Tex® 100 certified
Inside Insulation: 16 kg/m² opencell PU foam, Oekotex 100 certified


Where to buy?

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