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A while ago I purchased some products for Elsie our Beagle Puppy, she hates water more than the children and Mr TentLife, our puppy came to us and she was pretty, like a picture, I was probably being a little overprotective and fussing, but she kept scratching. Now I knew it wasn't fleas and I knew that being a puppy if I kept bathing her to get the bits of pee and poop they pick up then you can sometimes cause the skin to dry and that will make everything worse. 
I’m against animal testing and I’m against the use of unnecessary chemical’s, I also don’t like to use products containing Palm Oil, I just don't see the need or the point. 

A spray caught my eye it wasn’t a brand I had seen before it was in a clear bottle with a pink label, it was aptly named “Got An Itch” by Hownd. I picked it up and gave it a smell first, it smells like roses, I love roses, what I wouldn’t give for a house with a mountain view, lots of dogs and a rose garden. I liked the smell and I then noticed the sign for cruelty free (the jumping bunny), I began to read the bottle and I started to like the product more, No parabens, No soaps, No alcohol (which dries the skin), No dyes and No nasty chemicals. 

Beagles have been exploited for years by people that have experimented on them and enacted cruel often fatal procedures for no justifiable reason, so I especially don't want to cause ours any suffering. She was itching and I was a little dubious but having read the bottle.
“Got An Itch? Body Mist can be sprayed onto a dog’s dry fur after bathing and between washes. Doing so will help soothe and nourish dry and flaky skin, whilst giving it a gleaming, static free and refreshed coat. Just spritz, then brush or rub the mist into your dog’s fur to release the delicate scent of rose and petitgrain essential oils.
This pH-balanced formula contains wheat protein, argan oil, oat kernel and aloe vera leaf juice – which helps keep a dog’s skin and coat nourished. After application, dogs will be left with a beautiful coat with a glossy sheen”

I thought I’d give it a go, they were on offer so I purchased the “Keep Calm” mist also, that smelt even better and Elsie was about to go on her first camping trip, I was concerned about how she would cope long distance in the car and how sleeping in a different environment would effect her, the mist contains naturally calming lavender and patchouli, which helps nervous or tired dogs feel happier and more relaxed. Once we got home and then I identified another problem ‘precious Elsie’ doesn't like being sprayed either, so I damped a flannel and sprayed it with Got An Itch, I wiped Elsie with it and she smelt lovely and I’m not just saying this but the itching did subside quite a bit. Fortunately Elsie took to camping and travelling like a duck to water, however Bonfire night is upon us, so I’ll keep you posted.

Now the article doesn't stop here, we live in a low tick area, we have lungworm, to cut a long story short we were in a garden centre looking around the pet products when the owner of the grooming parlour within the garden centre spotted Elsie, we started chatting about tick treatments and unbelievably she said that the use Hownd “Yup you Stink” on the dogs that they know are going to be in high risk tick areas, do to the fact that it repels ticks, due to it containing eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils, which naturally repel fleas and insects. Well that was another trip to the pet shop, not that Elsie and I mind we enjoy it and Elsie loves to get a bit of beef jerky.

 It also gets rid of the most horrible smells, believe me our dog loves rolling in Fox Poop, if you’ve smelt that then you know what I’m talking about, it’s horrible and it lingers. This stuff kills the smell until you get home (Hownd do some wipes for this kind of thing, I’ll be reviewing these separately)

With camping and walking in long grass sometimes amongst cattle, livestock and Deer we’re often exposed to ticks and they can be dangerous, very dangerous and not just to dogs. Only this year a lady in the TentLife group, went up to Scotland (she posted some wonderful photos) unfortunately she got bitten by a deer tick and got Lymes Disease, she was very poorly for many months. Our dog Dee (who is no longer with us, through age bless her) was bitten by a tick also whist we were in Porlock in Somerset, fortunately it was in her eyebrow and we spotted it easily. So yes Ticks are horrible and we need to protect ourselves and our little furry four legged friends against them, you can use the sprays on humans, if it’s good enough for your dog it should be good enough for you in my book!

I take the “Yup you Stink” away with us camping, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t treat you dog with tick treatment, but our dogs already have a flea and wormer treatment and adding more chemicals onto them seems excessive especially because most tick treatments treat fleas also which our dogs have already been treated for. It’s a great spray if you don’t want a smelly sleeping bag also because Elsie loves sleeping on ours after a long day walking and climbing.
Since purchasing these products I’ve personally been in contact with both Jo and Mark who are Hownd, they're nice people and very friendly and genuine, which is rare.

I’m going to be writing about the shampoo’s next, especially because we've had another dog who loves water!

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