EXPED Camp Slippers review

Why do I need these was my first question, then I began to think about it, I have cold feet more often than not, I often just leave on my hiking socks they get dirty and sometimes wet, which is unpleasant, they take ages to dry and this means packing more pairs which is more space and the socks got damaged and they're not cheap some are nearly £20 a pair,  I don’t want to keep my hiking boots on all the time, it’s nice to rest your feet after a long hike or climb, well they pack small so taking them with me wasn’t a hassle, so I thought I’d give them ago. The Slipper are around £29 but with the price of the socks, it's really not a great amount.

Let’s just say on their first outing I was in love, we were in Scotland staying on Loch Lomond, we had walked up Conic Hill and then been out Kayaking on the Loch and it had gotten a little nippy, I wanted to sit outside and enjoy a drink under the clear skies, watching the stars and enjoying some me time. I slipped these on and instantly it was better than walking around outdoors in my hiking socks (they usually end up filthy and damp, nice!) or siting in my hiking boots with the laces loosened walking mud all over the tent.  I walked to the toilets across the grass with no problems, even though it was slightly damp due to it being late in the evening and being near to the Loch it was a little damp. I was also warm, which is novel, toasty warm with relaxed and comfortable rested feet.

The Slipper have a non-slip sole with a rand that goes all around the outside edge of the slipper, this is made from the material they make treadmill tread with so it’s going to be hard wearing, inside the sole of the slipper is foam which is nice and soft and moulds to your foot it also provides great insulation for warmth, the top of the slipper is made from synthetic insulation  and the shell is nylon. This means they’re lightweight, they dry quickly, and they are super warm and cosy, like a grippy sleeping bag for your feet.

These are not just for camping, you can wear them around the home, I do! You can also wash them at 30 degrees, I’ve take these on every trip since getting them, I’ve explored Glencoe climbed up to the lost valley and the Pap of Glencoe, I’ve been climbing in North Wales, we did Moel Hebog, my boots had given me pain in my Achilles so these slippers were a welcome relief and I’ll be taking them on many more camping trips, after hiking and scrambling for 15 miles these little beauties are brilliant, I imagine if you’ve been cycling they’d be a great comfort after a long ride.

Here is a gift you can get for the camping enthusiast that as everything.


         Size          UK Shoe Size          Foot Length          Average Weight
S                     4 - 6                       9 7/8"                        3.5 oz
M                   6 - 9                         11"                             5.9 oz
L                   10 - 12                     12 1/4"                       7.4 oz

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