Primus Onja Stove

The Primus Onja Stove is something a bit different, when I first saw it, it reminded me of the old record players that used to be in briefcases, something Retro and portable with the strap, you just put it over your shoulder like a bag, it's definitely unique, I really like the look of it, ours is black and white and after looking at it, I think it looks like a stove wearing a chefs apron, it's a simple idea that works well and looks good, with the CampFire pan set looking like something very traditional, that's ready for hanging above the fire pit, the two are in stark contrast but really do compliment each other.

I'm sitting next to the River Wye on a glorious May bank holiday weekend, whilst the family are kayaking on the river, I’m sitting on the grass with the dogs enjoying the sun and it’s very peaceful and I was comfortable. I had decided that we would eat riverside but not at a restaurant, I had brought the food with us along with this rather beautiful stove and the Primus stainless steel CampFire Cookset, whilst watching the family laughing and having fun on the river, I set about cooking a beef stir fry with egg noodles, as kitchens go this was quite the kitchen, riverside in the sunshine.
This was the first time I had used the stove, adding the two gas canisters was painless I used the larger C500 canisters, I opened the stove put the chopping board and the pan support to one side and turned the stove upside down, found the location for the canisters and screwed them in place, easy. I turned the stove back into the upright position and replaced the pan support, I had laid down a blanket which the dogs had commandeered, I sat on the corner and began to unpack the coolbag, I wanted to meal to be quick, it was warm and I didn't fancy being over the heat from a stove for long, so I had cheated a little and I had purchased a packet Stir Fry sauce but dried Egg Noodles along with some beef strips and a bag of stir fry vegetables. I had already got some water with me.


I was feeding 4 adults and a teenagers I use the large pan for the Noodles and the other pans for the frying the beef, stir fry vegetables and once cooked I added some of the sauce to both pans. The egg noodles had to be boiled in the water, I then needed to dispose of dirty water, I waited for it to cool, before giving it to the dogs, the river and riverside stays beautiful with no egg noodle water being poured on or in it 😉
I plated the beef stir fry, we all sat together riverside eating our lunch, in the sunshine in beautiful surroundings,  it seemed to go down well and the dogs enjoyed some of the leftovers, I had cooked a little too much and it was very warm, I tend not to eat much when I'm warm.

The next outing with the Onja Stove and CampFire pans was after we had been working away for a week in the Lake District, we decided to take a Tuesday off and take the dogs out to one of our local nature reserves and cook ourselves a late breakfast of gammon and eggs in the sunshine. I also brought some kidneys and liver for the dogs.

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You can see that the weather was lovely, I used the frying pan for the Gammon and Eggs and the large pan for the Dogs offal, Im got to utilise the oak lid that can be used as a chopping board for the bread, we had Gammon and eggs on honey and sunflower bread with wild rocket and maple syrup. It was delicious, a very relaxing way to spend some quality time together enjoying breakfast in the sunshine. I managed to get something on the stoves black fabric, this isn't a problem because it is removable for cleaning, I'm determined to use this on the beach, hopefully that will be soon. It's powerful and easy to us and transport, it's very sturdy and stable when you combine that with how easy it is to carry (you get to keep your hands free) and the way it looks you really can't lose, the only down side which isn't a big thing is that it doesn't have an ignition but we used a gas candle lighter.

Tech Specs

  • Height (folded): 290mm
  • Height (unfolded): 250mm
  • Width (folded): 140mm
  • Width (unfolded): 265mm
  • Burn time: 34 min on 230 g gas (200 g/h per burner)
  • Length: 430mm
  • Season: 3 Seasons
  • Effect (W): 2800x2
  • People: 1-4
  • Ignition: manual
  • Weight: 3kg


The Onja Stove is available from.

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