St. Michaels Mount – Cornwall

“Rocky island crowned by medieval church and castle, home to a living community - National Trust”

I’m not going to go into the history of St. Michaels Mount, the St. Aubyn Family or the 30 islanders who live there permanently because the official website does a much better job than I could. I strongly urge you to go and visit it (especially on a laptop if you can) -

St. Michaels mount causeway


St. Michaels Mount is quite an intriguing location and I certainly recommend it as a place to visit whilst you are in Cornwall. I would be very surprised if you are disappointed as there is lots to see and to, what with the harbour, the village, the gardens and the castle.

Where is St. Michaels Mount?


We made our way to Marazion, which is the town at St. Michaels just 2 miles east of Penzance. There is plenty of car parking available here, so we parked up and walked along the seafront towards the Island.

The tide was in so we couldn’t walk along the causeway. Don’t worry though, there are a couple of boats that will whisk you the short journey across to the harbour.

St. Michaels mount from marazion


You DO have to pay for the boat, even if you are a National Trust member. It’s a small cost, £2 for adults and £1 for children (one way) so make sure you have some cash on you. If you don’t want to pay for the boat, you will have to wait for the tide to go out and reveal the causeway.

St. Michaels Mount is looked after by the National Trust. If you want to visit certain parts of the island such as the castle or the church then there is a charge unless you are a member. Yet another reason to get yourself a National Trust membership.

From the little boat, you arrive at the harbour and village which has shops to have a look inside as they sell some great stuff. We then headed off to discover the grounds, gardens, buildings, church and castle (ooh and the cafe for a coffee at the end).

We had our puppy Beagle with us, and the only restriction is that they are not allowed up into the castle or church area. Mrs TentLife stayed with Beagle and one of our daughters down in one of the gardens enjoying the sun. The rest of us went off to explore the castle grounds and the inside of the castle itself. There is a wide cobbled path up to the castle, but we warned that it is quite steep at parts for some.


View from castle into gardens
View from castle into gardens

The views from up on the Castle are amazing, whether you are looking back down to the gardens below or back onto the mainland over the causeway. You also get to have a good look inside the castle and the church at all of their decorations and furnishings.

As is traditional with all of our day trips, we ended up at the islands Cafe to enjoy a coffee whilst sat in the garden enjoying the sun. A very nice day.

The tide had gone out and we were able to walk back to the shore along the causeway. A very interesting feeling, to think that only hours before the cobbles under our feet were immersed under the sea and now they are exposed to allow us walk back to the mainland.

Overall, there is plenty to see and do, here is the gallery of the other photos that we took during our day trip – VIEW ALL IMAGES

Certainly do have a look at the official St. Michaels Mount website ( It’s very well laid out and informative, and most importantly it tells you the opening times as well as the tide times too.



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You can save you and your family a lot of money on day trips by joining the National Trust. Once you are a member, there are so many places you can visit that will be free to NT members.

You can read more about what the National Trust has to offer by clicking here.

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