Aurora Vario Double Sleeping Bag by Vango

We don't normally sleep together (because boys smell 😉 ), due to having different beds, we now have beds that match and join together so we can now sleep together, surely that’s a good thing? I wouldn’t be able to drop off with the snoring and I really miss the hogging of the Duvet, it’s just not the same, it should be home from home surely?

Right, so this sleeping together malarkey, everyone runs at and sleeps comfortably at different temperature’s, I’m often cold especially my hands, feet and nose yet Carl is often warm, he doesn’t like to be hot or cold, he likes to be just right, were as I don’t mind being warm, at home I always fall asleep with my feet out of the bed, but I always awake with them inside the bed. When choosing a double sleeping bag, I was concerned about the temperature aspect, I have a Vango Latitude 400 for winter/Autumn and a Vango Wilderness for late spring early summer, these are mummy type bags. Carl likes his Vango Cocoon, he doesn’t like being constricted (he’s sounding like quite the princess, which is odd because he says I’m like princess and the pea.) We camp the year through, so the sleeping bag needs to have a good comfort rating, I spotted this on the Vango website whilst I was looking at the information on the Serenity Tent, it looked ideal for us and it was rather unique, and I like that.

It’s a double sleeping bag that as two layers on the top, the top layer can be undone lower the tog, but it comes off each half so if one is hot then the other doesn’t have to lose a layer if they don’t wish to, hence why it’s great for us, with me running cold and Carl running warm. It’s also ideal because it’s a season 3 or season 2 which will see us almost through the year, I’m sleeping in my Latitude at -6 (which is what it was in the Peak District in Feb this year 2018).


The Aurora Vario is a nice-looking bag, it feels well made it the loft doesn’t fall or gather up in one area like some of the lesser quality bags, the colours are subtle, I really like the checked fabric on the inside and will look good and match with most tents, the fabric feels like peach skin, very soft against your skin, it was really nice to lay in after a long day climbing and hiking. we have used this bag since April in cold weather and during May in the warmer weather. It’s been fine cosy on cold nights and I have slept with it unzipped and my feet out, just like home, during a couple of trips in May (it’s been refreshingly warm). We have used the bag on 4 trips the longest trip being 6 nights and we’ve slept comfortably and have had plenty of space (we’re both tall and quite broad because we weight train), we weren’t pinned against each other, I mean who doesn’t want to be dribbled on and have the sound of sweet snoring right down their ear???

The zips are easily found, and I haven’t got the zips caught in the fabric (which could be a first) this is down to the zip guard, I’ve found it easy to open in the middle of the night if I’ve needed the loo. Inside the sleeping bag is a small pocket for storage, I haven’t used it but in the cold weather I would be tempted to put my phone in it to help with battery life, phone batteries tend not to like cold.  At the bottom of the sleeping bag are hanging loops, to air the bag, at the top the bag is an Integrated headrest which makes it more cosy and warm. I have found it easy to pack away it comes with a large matching square storage bag that as both zips and pull cords (like a stuff sac), once in the bag it compresses down to the size of two 2 Season sleeping bags.

I have washed it once, this bag is thick and bulky we have a 10kg washing machine and I washed the bottom and top layers separately, I started to dry the layers in the tumble dryer and then finished drying them on the line, whist the weather has been warm, it’s washed well and the loft is still identical to when we started used it.  You may struggle to wash it at home if you have a smaller washing machine, I appreciate that not everyone will have a 10kg washing machine.

Single size is also available.

Weight- 4.73kg
Packsize - L50.0 x H59.0 x W25.0cm
Internal Length - 210cm
Internal Foot Width - 148cm
External Chest Width - 150cm
Internal Chest Width - 148cm
Tog  9.0
Performance   2-3 Season
Suggested Usage Max 20°
Comfort 4°
Suggested Usage Min 1°
Limit -1°
Extreme -16°

Tech Specs

  • Square shape carry bag - Easy to transport and colour matched to the sleeping bag
  • Square shaped bag - Also known as an envelope shape sleeping bag. Provides generous internal space for freedom of movement and comfort
  • Adjustable warmth - On warm nights, convert sleeping bag from 3 season rating to 2 season by zipping off the top layer
  • Off-set double layer construction - Off-set seams prevent cold spots at the stitching lines
  • 210T, 100% Microfibre Polyester - A luxuriously soft to touch microfibre lining fabric that is wonderfully cosy, snug and breathable. It is also very durable, so will wash beautifully.
  • 220T, 100% Microfibre Polyester with a peached finish - A sumptuous shell fabric made with a high thread count - this deluxe fabric offers super softness, and a homely comfortable feel.
  • Single hole siliconised hollow fibre insulation - Increases durability, maximises lofting potential for extra warmth and retains loft in damp conditions


  • Horizontal stitching - Evenly spaced to hold insulation in place and ensure even distribution throughout
  • Integrated head rest - Extended area is provided around the head for extra comfort. For safety regulations there is no drawcord closure
  • Woven zip puller - Allows quick and easy operation of the zip
  • Two-way auto-lock zip - Seals in warmth and provides adjustable ventilation. Auto-lock prevents the bag from opening during the night and can be accessed from inside the bag
  • Zip guard with anti-catch piping - Helps to prevent the zip from snagging on the lining, allowing easy opening and closing
  • Insulated zip baffle - Retains heat within the sleeping bag and reduces cold spots
  • Hanging loops - Hang bag to air
  • Internal pocket - Provides convenient storage for small items
  • Temperature ratings independently measured in accordance with EN 13537:2012 - Extensively tested to meet accurate temperature rating standards

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