Jetboil MiniMo stove review

Here is our review of the Jetboil MiniMo cook system, said to be an ideal cooking solution for the individual when out camping because of many handy features. We’ve had the MiniMo for a little while now, using it for 2 people with great results. Let’s have a look at those features in more detail, here’s our Jetboil MiniMo review.

We don’t write about any outdoor gear until we’ve actually used it a few times or for a few nights. We took the Jetboil Minimo with us to a campsite near Wyre Forest for a couple of nights and we also took it with us to cook on whilst we hiked for 5 days along the West Highland Way (WHW).

What is the MiniMo?
So what is the Jetboil MiniMo cook system and how does it differ from other stoves like the Jetboil Flash? Well the quickest answer is that it’s a stove with a 1 litre cook pot which has brilliant simmer control and a regulated gas supply, but what does that mean?

The less quick answer is that the Jetboil MiniMo is referred to as a cook system. Stoves such as the Jetboil Flash are super fast at boiling water or heating soup, but they lack controllability on the simmering front. These two stove examples are designed for different purposes.

A few turns of the gas controller on the Flash and you can have your morning brew super fast. Now don’t misunderstand me, the MiniMo is no slouch when getting stuff up to the boil but it’s real skills lie elsewhere. It takes quite a few more turns of the gas controller on the MiniMo to get it up to full power, and this finesse is really important when you are cooking more delicate food that boil in the bag meals.

If you need your coffee in 90 seconds then the Flash is the answer, but if you want to cook your steak with more controllability or gently simmer something for a while then the MiniMo is the answer to your gastronomic needs. It depends on the type of food you choose to eat when out camping. I’m not saying that cooking more delicate foods on the Flash isn’t possible, but it doesn’t have the finesse and controllability of the Jetboil MiniMo.

Regulated gas supply.
So why is the fact that ‘The Mo’ has a regulated gas supply important? The simplest answer is gas pressure. A consistent gas pressure results in a constant flame with better controllability. Gas pressures in canisters will drop as the environmental temperature decreases, meaning the gas comes out at a lower pressure. Stoves not fitted with a diaphragm regulator are less able to be used in colder weather. The MiniMo is classed as a 4 season stove that will operate reliably down to -6 degrees, meaning that it is better than most for being used all year round.

So what tasty food have we prepared on the Jetboil MiniMo then? We’ve been using the Jetboil Summit skillet (with pan support) on the MiniMo and they make a great pair. The Flash is perfect for getting the water for your dehydrated meal hot super fast, but you probably won’t be able to slowly simmer a pan of food as it would probably burn. That’s where the MiniMo takes centre stage.

We are partial to a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast and have now cooked quite a few. We cooked up some lovely lamb chump chops from Drymen butchers whilst on the WHW, along with a few morning brews stirred with a tent peg. We had a cracking steak with pasta whilst camping near the Wyre Forest. I’m sure there are a few meals I have missed but you get the idea, no boil in the bag or dehydrated meals when the MiniMo is about.

We have had no problems with burning the food we have prepared, nothing stuck to the Summit Skillet even when we haven’t had much oil to hand. I feel that this is a combination of how easy it is to control the heat on this stove and the quality of the non-stick on the pan.

The stove pot is wider and shallow, making it easy to eat out of especially if you don’t have a long handled spoon available.
Packed away, it’s a really neat setup with a small pack size. The burner comes in it’s own carry bag that prevents it scratching the inside of the stove pot when stashed inside and it’s got a handy igniter built into it too.

Stored inside the drink through pot lid is the gas canister stabilizer, which makes the whole thing more stable when being cooked ok. The 1 litre cook pot has a flux ring built into the bottom, helping it heat up fast, use gas more efficiently and also giving it great protection from the wind.
On the bottom of the

We have been very impressed with this stove as it’s such a great all-rounder – cooking whatever takes your fancy on it all year round makes it a brilliant stove choice. It has a great pack size and doesn’t take up much room in your backpack.

We are looking forward to taking this stove out as often as we can, especially on our colder wild camping adventures.

NOTE – The pan support is sold separately and must be used when using cooking accessories such as the Jetboil Summit Skillet.



Here are some more photos of the Jetboil MiniMo from our camping and hiking adventures;

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