Coleman Fyrestorm PCS stove review

We first used the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS (personal cook system) when we were on our way to the Isle of Arran. We had a wild camping stop-over at Loch Doon before heading for the Arran ferry early next morning for a few more nights under the stars.

Due to traffic on the motorway, we were late for pitching the tent and began cooking in the dark. I must say that for its first outing (in the dark) the Coleman Fyrestorm performed perfectly, simple to use and we had a nice warm meal on what turned out to be a very cold night (we recorded 0.3 degrees).

This stove, although designed for one person does have a little a trick up its sleeve. It has a rather wide cookpot when you compare it to say a Jetboil Flash. We figured we could use the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS to cook 2 boil in the bag meals at the same time, and we were right. We used this personal cook system and use it to cater for 2 hungry campers, excellent.

The Coleman Fyrestorm PCS is a remote canister setup, meaning that you have your gas canister sat to one side and the burner sits on the ground on its own tripod legs. I like this method as it reduces the overall height of the stove and makes it more stable when cooking.

It has a wind protector around its base to protect the flame and make the stove more efficient and usable in more harsh conditions. We have been able to light the stove easily in windy conditions so it would seem to work rather well.

The controller on the canister is excellent as you can turn the gas right down, getting your water or food onto a very controllable simmer. This is perfect for warming through boil in the bag meals as you don’t waste loads of gas and you don’t get any water boiling over. We have used more expensive stoves that don’t have this level on gas control.

Another good feature of this stove is that it has a piezo ignition. No need for a lighter, matches or Ferro Rod (although you should always have a backup). The ignition system is easily located on the gas canister braided hose and has worked every time for us.

Whether it’s a quick coffee or an essential evening meal. We used this continuously on our 4 night wild camping trip to the Isle of Arran and it was faultless. It doesn’t take up much pack space and it is very light. The Coleman Fyrestorm PCS also has an insulating jacket with handle and a rather handy clip on lid with both pour and strainer holes. It’s a great backpacking companion, it has a very useable pack size as the burner fits neatly inside the cookpot.

There is another great feature on this stove. Take the wind shield from the bottom of the cook pot, fix it to the top and you then have enough space to stash your gas canister inside along with the burner and put the lid on the top - very nifty.

The price of this stove is what is so impressive and makes it a contender against the likes of Jetboil Flash and MSR Windburner Duo. I’ve seen this stove selling for as little as £42 online, and that’s significantly less than the other 2 stoves I’ve just mentioned. Then when you realise that the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS can also be used by 2 people and takes up very little room in your backpack, it's easy to see that this is a brilliant buy.


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