Coleman Fastpitch Event Shelter review

We took the Coleman Fastpitch event Shelter with us to Kettlewell campsite whilst we were testing the Eurohike Rydale 500 tent. We had a couple of days trying it out and seeing if it would contribute to our camping experience. We were expecting some poor weather, so lets see if this shelter did what we needed (and didn’t get blown away).

By chance, the Coleman Fastpitch Event shelter was the perfect height for the Rydale tent. It sat perfectly over the front and formed a great extension, meaning what we had much more camping space no matter what the weather was going to throw at us.

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Was it easy to put up?
Yes, Fastpitch isn’t just a clever name. This shelter isn’t small but I had no trouble at all putting this together on my own. As usual, I didn’t use the instructions just dove straight in to see how straight forward it was. It didn’t take much longer than the 5 minutes that the Coleman video states, but when we use it again (very soon) I’m sure it will go up in a fraction of the original time.

Taking everything out of the bag and placing it on the ground, it’s pretty clear to see what goes where. It is clear to identify the 4 corners, with their flat feet and large red height adjusting buttons. Then there are the 4 upper corner pieces that expand outwards like opening an umbrella, click the grey button and they easily slide open. Finally, the remaining poles that form the sides and the cross section just slot together effortlessly and that’s the frame done with.

All that remains is to slide the outer shelter cover over the frame and attach it in place with the Velcro fastenings and then adjust each leg to the height that you require. The material wraps nice and snug around the framework adding to the already quite strong structure, even before you make use of the ground pegs or the corner guy lines.

Size and Strength
At 3.65m square, we found we had plenty of room underneath. Even when it was raining and we were sat in the centre, the wind couldn’t assist in getting us wet and we were quite comfortable under it whilst cooking and eating our tea.

When you are underneath this shelter, it feels so spacious and Coleman make an even bigger XL version. The head height fantastic too and when fully raised, the centre is over 2.8m high.

Having now had my hands on this Coleman Fastpitch event shelter, I can confirm that this is a really well made product. Some shelters are real rubbish and you just know that they are going to fall or be blown to bits at the slightest gust. I don’t think this will be the case with the Fastpitch shelter.

We had a fair bit of wind, but with the combination of super sized corner pegs (huge coffin nails), and the very good quality guy line pegs, this shelter wasn’t budging.

I can also confirm that the Fastpitch shelter is waterproof as we received quite a bit of rain during the couple of days we were using it. It wasn’t cold, and it was lovely to be able to sit under the shelter and remaining dry with the rain falling down around us.

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This shelter is so easy to use, we will certainly be making use of it on many more camping trips and I also plan to make use of it in our garden at home. I can see many barbeques ahead, whether we are hiding from the heat or the rain the Coleman Fastpitch shelter will be there looking after us.

I know that I’ve banged on about the quality of this shelter and how easy it was to put to together, but I do feel that Coleman have excelled here. There are plenty of rubbish shelters out there that will find their way into your local landfill a lot sooner than they should. For a little bit more money I’m confident that the Coleman Fastpitch even shelter will give you and your family so many years of trusty outdoor use whether on the campsite or on your garden.

At the time of writing this article, you could purchase the large shelter for just £149 which I feel is a great price for such a well made product.