Coleman Bungee chair review

Camping chairs are a very important part of camping enjoyment, they need to be both comfortable, robust and reliable. We got our hands on a couple of Coleman Bungee chairs and have been testing them throughout 2018. We can honestly say that they are the bees-knees, and these chairs actually became our ‘go-to’ bum furniture. We kept them in our van and took them on almost every family camping trip we did in 2018 (and that’s a lot).

So what is so good about the Coleman bungee chairs, a chair is a chair – Right?

We had some troubles with a number of other chairs we had over the summer. Without mentioning any names, 2 of the same brand had to be returned due to the pivot points breaking, and another chair was sent back because the stitching had failed. However, there is good news in the shape of there Coleman Bungee chairs.

Throughout 2018, the Coleman bungee chairs have been used all over the UK, and have been used in preference to other chairs we have access to.

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Bungee chair features

These chairs are really funky looking with a fresh design and we love the bright colours. We have the bright lime (yellow) bungee chairs, but they also come in red, blue and orange too.

Each chair also has a fold away drinks holder, which is handy as we all know it is the law that you must have a beer or other alcoholic beverage when camping. Sadly it’s not big enough to hold a bottle of wine but apparently I am on my own thinking that this would be a good idea.




One of the things we feel that make these chairs so sturdy is that the frame on them is not only made of thick walled tube but it is also oval shaped too. This is a stronger shape than just round or even square legs, meaning they will take quite a lot of weight and won’t feel flimsy.

They have a mesh back on them so that they don’t give you a sweaty back in the hot weather. The back support section has bungee cord integrated into it, and they really do offer a high level of support and comfort.





Another point on the comfort level is the shape of the bit you sit on (the bum rest). Instead of it being completely flat, it curves downwards as it heads towards the back of your knees. This means that it follows the contour of your legs better and is much more comfortable than other chairs we have tried.

The arms have padded material over them for comfort, and you can detach them if they get dirty and you need to give them a wash. This is a brilliant idea, and not one we have seen on a camping chair before. Such a simple idea that will keep these chairs looking brilliant for many camping seasons into the future. These camping chairs fold away easily and are supplied with their own bags to be packed safely away in.

The build quality is reflected in their weight as these are not the lightest of chairs – when you pick these up you can just feel their high quality. As we’ve said, we have tested a few chairs and these Coleman Bungee chairs seem to be bullet proof with exceptional design and strong materials.

Having used these chairs quite a few times now, we can vouch for both their overall quality, strength and comfort. I would say that they are stronger and better looking than most of the fold-away garden patio furniture I have seen, and this is exactly what I would be inclined to do with them between camping trips.

There are cheaper camping chairs on the market (and more expensive), but not many that can compare to these Coleman Bungee Camping Chairs.

Buy cheap, buy twice - Get yourself a decent chair, and use them in your garden too!!