The TentLife Story

If you enjoy camping and outdoor pursuits, then we at TentLife should have something to interest you. TentLife, the life you can have/enjoy with a tent. We share our experiences with you, and hopefully inspire you to love being outdoors, as much as we do.

If we can spread the message of caring for our Planet and Environment along the way, then all the better.

We have two dogs and we share their sense of exploration and adventure, sometimes the teenage daughters tag along.

We believe that you should experience most things once and collect memories not things.

I (Tina) have quite severe mental health and mobility issues. I’ve been close to not being here many times, the outdoors helps me immensely. When I need to retreat from everything, the outdoors gives me space. I have found that you don’t have to travel far to find solitude and peace in some beautiful places.

Yes I have mobility problems but I try not to let that stop me, often just with shear determination and maybe bad judgement. I've dragged myself to some glorious places and enjoyed some activities I never thought I’d do. Yes I may not be able to stand after, let alone walk but I rest and try again.

Carl (the long suffering Husband) is mainly dragged along by me. I have the ideas (too many ideas 😂), he keeps me out of trouble and safe. He’s a great guy! He’s also up for most things and always a laugh (which is a good thing), ask him about the WHW 😂😂

We have been fortunate enough to also raise money for the NSARDA, with our antics, which we are proud of.

We get to work with some brilliant people across the Outdoor Leisure Industry, they’re a great bunch and they work for some brilliant companies. We realise we are privileged to do what many think isn't a job but a permanent holiday. I promise you that I’m often up early and still working most nights at 23:30, maybe that helps 😂.

Thank you all for following us, we appreciate it and hopefully you find us insightful, helpful or funny?

Many Thanks

Tina & Carl = TentLife®️

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