Zempire MONSTAMAT Twin

The question we get asked most is about sleeping mats, which is the most comfortable is the question most frequently asked. Camping beds have really improved over the past few years, making camping more accessible to people that can’t sleep on what felt like the equivalent of the floor.

Some of the mats available now are nearer to what you would find on your bed at home, especially with the rise of foam and memory mattresses. The Zempire MONSTAMAT is one of the new super comfortable mats.

We took the twin mat out for my birthday in October, not the warmest time of year if you’re a fair-weather camper. We often go for separate mats, so not to disturb each other if we or the dogs are up in the night. With Mats that are predominately foamlike the Monstamat, you don’t face the rising and falling of the air like you in Air Beds and most SIMS (self-inflating mats). Therefore, you’re not disturbing your partner during the evening.

You may already be aware that foam is a great insulator of heat, which is great in the case of camping, having insulation from the ground in your camping mat is great for keeping you warm.

On unpacking the Mat from its carry bag and removing the compression straps the mat began to spring into life. There is one 360°valve

360º Valve Fully Open for Inflation

Inflate Only 360º Valve Position

Deflate Only 360º Valve Position

I put the valve in the fully open position and the mat was inflated in a matter of seconds, the Anti-Bacterial Treated Foam is perfect for allowing you to top the mat off yourself, close the valve to inflate position and blow, this allows you to adjust the firmness of the mat to your liking.  Once inflated and ready I closed the cap and placed the mat bright yellow side down.The yellow side is the bottom of the mat it is constructed from strong Poly-Oxford TPU fabric, this helps to prevent punctures.

The top of the mat is covered with 40D Super Stretch Rip-Stop which is very comfortable, soft and no noise (some mats have a very distinctive noise when you move on them). I did try it out once it was inflated, laying on the mat for a few minutes allows for comfort assessment, it’s best to check the firmness before adding your sleeping bag.

The dark colour of this mat means that it doesn’t show every little mark, this is great for us, our dogs don’t seem to understand that my mat is not the floor. I don’t like things getting stained and covered with marks, especially what is essentially my bed.  Darker colour mats are great for preventing me fretting.

The price of the Zempire Monstamats in both sizes is very keen, the quality however hasn’t been compromised. We have spent quite a few nights on the Monstamat Twin, Carl and I have found it to be warm and very comfortable during the evening. Using it during wintertime we haven’t been cold, and we felt no cold from the ground. It’s been in and out of the van and it still looks in new condition.

Carl tends to move a lot during sleep, he’s got something that I imagine is similar to restless legs. His moving whilst on the Monstamat didn’t disturb or wake me, which is welcomed.

The key to rolling these mats to store them away is patience and repetition, turn the valve to open fold in half, length ways, roll and shut the valve to deflate, unroll (leave valve in the deflate position) repeat until you have the required pack size, apply straps and put into storage bag.

I have been impressed by the Zempire Monstamat it’s well price, comfortable, warm and well designed.

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