Zempire Aero TL Pro tent review

The Zempire Aero TL Pro is a high quality air tent designed to cater for the needs of the small family. With 2 bedrooms at the rear (3+2 people), a central living area and an opening porch area. We took the Aero TL Pro to the stunning ‘Secret Garden’ campsite in Cambridgeshire to test for a few days, just 2 adults and 2 doggos on this occasion.

We test a lot of tents and usually you can quite quickly get an idea of how well a thing is built. From the moment I received delivery from the driver I could tell that this tent was very built well. The storage bag is made from very thick material with 2 seriously heavy duty retaining straps and big well stitched handles. This tent is not lightweight and the bag does look like it will withstand plenty of use and not drop to bits after a couple of outings.

So lets dive right in and tell you how we got on. As it was October, we basically got the pick of the campsite and found ourselves a lovely sized pitch surrounded by bushes and trees. Although the sun was shining, it was fairly windy and so would provide a good test for the tent. As is normal for us, we didn’t bother with the instructions and just laid out our trusty universal groundsheet, took all the contents out of the tent bag and got stuck it.

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Poles? Why does this air tent come with poles? Don’t panic, we will explain what these are for shortly. After pegging out the 4 corners of the tent, we pumped up the 4 air beams (6 psi). The pegs provided are the best quality we have seen for ones that are supplied with a tent, these are steel rock pegs. The inflation points for the air beams are nicely positioned off the floor, making it easier to add or remove pressure if needed and have a protective cover over them too.

The tent was pitched in just 10 minutes except for the guy lines, and we must say that it does look impressive with it’s unique colours. As for the guy lines, they are easily tightened using the funky tensioners.

I’ve already mentioned the quality feel of this tent, it is made from very strong 210D (dernier) ripstop material with a waterproof rating of 10,000HH (hydrostatic head). To put that into context, the Berghaus Air 6 is made from 70 dernier (not rip-stop) material with a 6,000HH.

As I said, we were trying this tent out for 2 nights. We like to go camping in the tents and then talk about them so below is what we found out first hand about the Zempire Aero TL Pro and we hope you find it helpful.

The bedrooms are made from black light diffusing fabric which makes them very dark inside. This makes it great for lazy mornings and not being woken by the early sun.

The dividing wall between the 2 bedrooms unzips so we opened it all up and had it as one enormous bedroom (3.35m x 2.2m). Although this tent is designed for 5 people, it really does make for the perfect high quality couples tent.

There are a couple of hanging points on the ceiling, perfect for putting up my Nite Ize lantern. There is adequate standing room at the front of the bedrooms for comfortably getting dressed and undressed without having to bend over.

There are storage pockets everywhere inside these bedrooms, more than enough to keep all your belongings safe, organised and easy to find.

We were sleeping on the new Zempire double MonstaMat, and had more than enough room for our clothes and bags. We didn’t bring a lot of furniture with us as we were only away for 2 nights, but there is so much space in Aero TL Pro you could make it really homely – dare we say it’s perfect for glamping couples (go on, bring those wardrobes :o)

At 3.35m x 2.85m, it’s rather spacious and there is plenty of room for chairs, tables and our large dog crate. It fitted our trusty universal carpet OK and felt really cosy - Zempire do sell a specific carpet that fits in to this tent much better, probably as well made as the tent but we haven't tried it ourselves. The brown smoked windows give a warm feeling to the inside of the tent whilst also keeping it cool on hot days.

As well as access into the front porch area, there are 2 other doors allowing access out of either side of the tent. The door on the right side (looking from the front) has a rain shelter on it, with a covering over the top and on the sides to prevent rain coming into the tent when you are entering or leaving. These side doors also have mesh inner doors which have really hand 2-way zips on them. What is so handy about 2-way zips? You can close the bottom half and open the top half which is great for campers with dogs and small children, as you can have the mesh open enough for the adults to get in and out but it prevents any unwanted escapees.

The large door at the front of the living area can be almost fully unzipped and put to one side. This gives the option of opening up this living area even more by including the front porch area. We particularly enjoyed this configuration especially when we had the front doors open (see photos).

Like in the bedroom, there is a point on the ceiling for easily hanging lights.

It is nowhere as dark inside this tent as it looks from the outside. We thought that it was important to point this out as many people have commented that it looks dark. It’s like how tinted windows appear on a car, dark from the outside but nowhere near as dark on the inside. The windows let in plenty of light, and on hot days they help to regulate the tents temperature.

The front of this tent is really versatile and it is probably going to be easier to understand the photos than to write about all the different possible configurations.

There is ample room to store gear in this area. As we are always camping, we have storage boxes with our essentials in their so we are ready to hit the road at a moments notice. We kept the storage boxes in this area, along with the Campingaz Party Grill and gas bottle.

By far the best feature of the front of this tent is that the huge gullwing door is designed to lift up and be used as an awning that you can sit under. The tent came supplied with poles and even though it was windy, it makes a great useable space for cooking and eating whatever the weather. We sat our under it on our first night, eating sausage sandwiches, drinking cider and enjoying the nearby fire pit (not too close).

We had the poles pitched out in a slightly different configuration to how we’ve seen them. It is designed to have 3 poles used along the leading edge, with the middle one being slightly longer. This gives a ‘V’ shape to the roof, which is good for helping he rain run off. As there was no danger of rain (just wind), we went for 2 long outer poles and no centre support. This worked fine and we stood and cooked our sausages under it, then sat and ate our tea.

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New Zealand is the home of Zempire tents, and this may well be the reason for some of their tents best features – these being their high waterproof material values and excellent air circulation. New Zealand has a rather high rainfall throughout the year, and temperatures can range from very humid to very cold. So as well as manufacturing very waterproof tents, they also have a lot of air vents to minimise condensation build up. The Aero TL Pro is no exception, and it really does have brilliant air circulation. Around the outside of the tent (sides and rear), there are a number ventilation points that peg out. Also, at the back there is a large mesh panel hidden a roll up sheet – perfect for ventilation and cooling of those bedrooms. Then there are the windows in the living area, these are a piece of design genius and they have to be seen to be believed.

No, I didn’t have any bowel problems – There are plenty of storm straps both at the front and the rear of the tent to help it to cope with any bad weather. The tent has plenty of guy lines already fitted onto the tent so it shouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but one really nifty design is the option of adding extra guy lines. There are strong fabric tabs above the existing guying points where you can fit additional guy lines if things do ever get a little bit iffy. Not something you will find on most other tents but certainly something that should be included.

It was rather windy during our October stay, but the TL Pro wasn’t affected by it at all. The 210D ripstop tent material didn’t flap around in the wind due to it’s weight, this made it nice a quiet inside the tent. Also, with the storm straps and ample guy lines, this tent didn’t budge in the wind and it made it very pleasant inside when sitting relaxing or going to sleep.

It’s dark at 6am in October, but the rain was going to be with us at 8am so we had to get a shift on. We didn’t want to have to get the tent out again to dry it out, so we got up before the rain and packed away in the dark. Little did I know that this would not be the last time I would be packing away a tent in the early hours, looking like I was guiltily sneaking off without paying my bill but that is another story.

We often read on Facebook how people have so much trouble getting their air tents back into the bag. This tent came down super fast (even in the dark) and went into the well made oversized back really easily. We put the pump, poles and pegs into the bag too, tightened up those adjustable straps and got that tent into the back of the van just as it started spitting with rain – yes it really was that close. The ground sheet got wet, but that would just be a case of throwing it over the washing line upon our return. Happy with our efforts and our 2 days with the Aero TL Pro, we hit the road and headed off home.

This is one cool looking tent, in fact all the Zempire tents are rather suave looking - There is nothing like them on the market. The Aero TL Pro is very stylish, but it doesn’t just have the looks - It seems extremely well made and should last you a very long time.

I’ve decided that this tent is female. She is a head turner

This tent is said to sleep 5 people maximum and 4 comfortably. Having now camped in it for a few days, I would agree that it is a great tent for a small family but I would say that it is the perfect couples tent who want a bit of extra room.

If you camp as a couple and want something that looks amazing, unique and is easy to pitch (giving you more time to relax), then we would certainly recommend the Zempire Aero TL Pro. There are cheaper small air tents on the market, but none are this well made (210D/10,000HH) that appear to be more than capable of handling all that the UK weather can throw at it. Buy cheap, buy twice is the motto here and this tent does ouze quality and has some brilliant features.

This tent comes with a manufacturers 4 year warranty, which should give you some assurance that it is built to last – and it does feel like it is BUILT TO LAST and look good whilst it is doing it’s stuff on the campsite.


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