Victorinox SwissChamp pocket knife review

We’ve fallen in love with our Victorinox Swisschamp Swiss Army knife. It’s been with us on every camping trip since we got it and it will continue to go everywhere we go. Let us explain how helpful the 33 tools of the Swisschamp have been and why you should consider getting one as your new camping companion.

Everyone is in agreement that the idea of a Swiss Army knife with all those different tools close to hand is a good idea, but for camping it really does put things on a whole different level.

No matter what style of camping we are doing, whether it’s wild camping, solo or family camping we now make sure we always have this with us. On days out, it also gets popped into one of our backpacks as it is so handy and has so many uses.

We have the ‘Swiss Champ’ that has 19 tools with 33 very useful functions. It is a part of the ‘medium pocket knife’ collection. For outdoorsy and hands on people, the Victorinox website is a treasure trove of delights and you will not be in there for a mere five minutes. It is no small feat to try and pick just one of their pocket knives, but we can help you out a bit by saying the knife that we have is a great all-rounder.

I’m not going to go through the uses of all the 33 different tools, you can use your own imagination. But I will tell you a few things that we have definitely used it for;

- Scissors on numerous occasions for opening food packets and also cutting tangled bits of tree from the stupid dogs fringe,
- The Phillips screwdriver has been used to put together a firepit whilst at the campsite and also to tighten screws on various other pieces of camping kit too,
- The corkscrew and bottle opener have been used on many occasions (cheers),
- It’s got pliers on it too, these came in really handy when I needed to tighten the nuts up
- The big knife has been used for cutting cheese when making some excellent toasties.
- The smaller knife was used to pop a blister on the WHW,
- I’ve even used the magnifying glass to take a closer look at the jet on a faulty cooking stove.

It’s also useful for safety and first aid too, such as the brilliant little set of tweezers and magnifying glass for if you get a splinter (did we mention the blister?). I’m not suggesting you could hack off your own leg to help you escape that fallen rock, but if things get really serious there is a bottle opener and a corkscrew.

We’ve also got the leather pouch too, it’s handy to have a place to store it and you can cang it on your belt or in a handy location on the outside of your backpack.

As you would expect, the knife is extremely well made and will last you a long time. We had a look at the reviews on their website and also on Amazon and this particular knife comes very highly recommended. One of them calls it a “timeless classic that’s still the most versatile ‘multi-tool’ you can buy”.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the reviews and then go get yourself what just might become the most versatile piece of camping kit you will ever own.