Trekology Dreamer Comfort inflatable pillow

Trekology inflatable pillow

Camping Pillow

The Trekology Dreamer Comfort Inflatable Pillow - I’ve tried it and I love it. In fact, it is now my favourite pillow.I’m used to sleeping on those £1 blow up pillows from Poundland, they’ve always served me adequately. However after using the Trekology ‘Dreamer Comfort’ pillow, I shan’t be going back to them any time soon.

Trekology pillow storage bag
Trekology pillow storage bag

These pillows roll away into their own little protective bag, so they are safe from damage when not in use.

It inflates really quickly because the valve opening is large, just 3 to 4 lungfuls of air and it’s good to go. There is a button inside the valve that lets you remove a little air so it is easy to make the pillow softer, to suit your own requirements.

Trekology pillow valve
Trekology pillow valve
Easily adjust firmness

It’s a good size too, not to big and not too small - no chance of rolling off it whilst sleeping.

I don’t know what material this pillow is made from, but the fabric that you lay your head on is really soft and it also feels warm too. The underside is also covered in a non-slip backing which comes in very handy. I have never had any issues with the pillow sliding off my inflatable mat, and it must be down to the fabric it made from - it's a grippy little sucker :o)

This inflatable pillow seems very well made, I’ve actually used it for a couple of years now and I wouldn't swap it. It offered me plenty of head and neck support and helped me rest well, ready for my next days outdoor activities. It is very well built and I highly recommend it, in fact if I lost this pillow I would definitely buy another one as it's been so reliable and hard wearing.

Definitely worth the money, here is the link to them on Amazon, there is a YouTube video here