Sleeping ZZzzz

These are some of the items we have purchased for sleeping in both our large and small tents, some we use for backpacking and some are only suitable for family camping due to their size.

EXPED MegaMat 10
A self inflating mat that is more comfortable than most beds!

EXPED Synmat Mega 12 Mat
A sleeping Mat that is ideal for all types of camping, small, thermal, comfortable and light!

EXPED Synmat UL 7 M mat
The Ultralight and super compact mat that offers warmth and comfort

The Vango Shangri-La 15 Grand
The pinnacle of Vango's self inflating mat collection. Indeed, this is more than a mat, it is a self inflating mattress, designed to provide all the comfort of your bed at home.

Vango Aurora Vario Double Sleeping Bag
A 2/3 season double sleeping bag with difference.

Vango Cocoon 250
A wider sleeping bag, for people that want a mummy bag but don't like being restricted.

The Aeros Deluxe Pillow by Sea to Summit
A lovely, comfortable and a brilliant size, just like a pillow you would find at home.

Trekology Dream Comfort inflatable pillow
A quiet pillow at a reasonable price.

Outwell Cimelia Sleep System
A sleep system made up of Outwell's 5cm Dreamcatcher SIM and a memory foam topper.

Outwell Posadas Double camp bed
Outwell's Double Camp bed, it's also available in a single.