Primus PrimeTech Stove Set 1.3 Litre

When backpacking lightweight is the key, one pot systems don’t really allow for much in the way cooking, they’re more for boiling water quickly and reheating readymade food.  When on longer trips away, I occasionally want to eat something that isn’t out of a packet. We went walked the West Highland Way in April, we took the Primus PrimeTech along with us, 5 days of walking around 20 miles per day, sure built up a hunger.

The PrimeTech is available in two sizes 1.3 and 2.3 litres, we have the 1.3 Litre version.  It is made up of two saucepans, a PrimeTech pan with heat exchanger and a ceramic non-stick coating and a hard-anodised aluminium saucepan.  The pans sit on the wind guard which houses the burner.

The burner is regulated this allows for complete control of the heat output.

It's a really stable stove system, the weight is very well distributed so it's not going to fall, some systems can seem a little top heavy.

It’s easy the ignite thanks to the separate Piezo lighter. The lid to the stove set is also well designed, it’s got a built-in sieve and the red silicone handle not only looks good but also is cool to the touch, so no burnt fingers.  The handle is funky also, but its best feature is the insulated storage bag, let me explain why this is such a smart feature.

This stove set weighs 903g and like I’ve mentioned weight is important, but so is nutrition, cooking when you have one heat source can be a juggling act. If you’re making a dish with two parts, an example maybe a meat or vegetable curry with rice or a meat or vegetable tomato based sauce with pasta. Leaving the carbohydrates in hot water to keep them warm leads to them going soggy or trying to keep the main part of the meal warm can be difficult and lead to constant reheating and juggling of pans.

With this stove you can make the main part of your dish, slip into the insulted bag and then using the ceramic coated non-stick PrimeTech pan with heat exchanger you can quickly boil up your pasta or rice, whilst your main part of the meal is kept warm. Both are then hot and ready to serve at the same time.

The removable pan handle makes swapping and moving of the pans a doddle, it feels well-made sturdy and safe.

The flame can be easily adjusted , the range from low to high is fully controllable so you can simmer easily, this saves gas and makes cooking and warming easy.

We love coffee and thanks to the range of the adjustable pan rest we can fit our tiny Moka Pot on it for an Espresso, or the larger kettle. This makes the PrimeTech particularly useful and versatile and so it’s become our go-to stove, it crosses from backpacking to site camping trips. This saves money and storage space.

The built in windguard is a welcomed addition and helps to reduce the boiling time and it saves gas. The silicone feet on uneven surfaces really do help with grip but more importantly they help prevent burns to surfaces.


The Primus PrimeTech Stove set is simply great, it makes backpacking cooking more interesting, it looks great and it all packs away into the size of one pan. The insulated bag is a welcomed, practical addition and the weight considering you have two, decent size, strong pans is good. Our set has been on about 5 journeys including the West Highland Way, it was crammed into a 70-litre rucksack for 5 days, it still looks brand new, not a dent or scratch.  We’re really impressed with the Primus PrimeTech Stove and it’s a welcomed addition to our TentLife.

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