Pomeroy Caravan Park – Peak District.

Pomeroy caravan park

Pomeroy Caravan Park

Street House Farm
Pomeroy, Buxton
SK17 9QG
Website – www.pomeroycaravanpark.co.uk

Tel – 01298 83259

Pomeroy campsite

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th Oct. 2017.

Not a very large campsite, but it was ideally situated for where we wanted to visit in the Peaks and it was very reasonably priced.

There were some other tents there for the weekend, as well as a number of camper vans that came and went. But other than the odd motorhome it was pretty quiet, due to the time of year I imagine.

On this occasion we tested out our new Coleman Cobra 3 tent as it was just myself, Mrs TentLife and the puppy. If you want you know more about the Coleman Cobra 3, then here is the review (coming soon).

We had an electric hookup as we have stuff to charge whilst working. We also like to sit down of an evening and watch something on the laptop whilst partaking in a cheeky red.

The facilities.
Reception building has a small shop in it for essentials, but it is small and not open all the time. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. There is a larger building that accommodates the toilet and washing facilities. This is very modern, clean, and as you will see from the photos, very spacious as well as having underfloor heating. The showers are included in the price of your stay and they were lovely and warm, with plenty of space inside, a dry area for your clothes and hooks to hang stuff on too.

Free wifi was available across the site, and I must say that the signal was very strong over all of the campsite.

It was wet during our stay, and the ground around our pitch became very muddy. This isn’t a criticism of the campsite, it was just a combination of a grass pitch and lots of rain. I had packed a spare groundsheet for such an eventuality, so we just put this on the ground for when we were sat outside cooking.

If Pomeroy Caravan Park sounds interesting, you can read more about it here and also book online >> www.pomeroycaravanpark.co.uk. It’s a nice location/base from which to go exploring in the Peak District, and will it’s reasonable pricing it is certainly worth considering.

If you want to read about what we got up to during the rest of our short visit to the Peak District, then have a look below. It’s worth a read as this was our first trip away without the rest of the family (just 2 adults, and 1 puppy), so we had some smaller kit with us instead of usual 8 man tent and every other conceivable luxury. We tested a different tent (Coleman Cobra 3), tried out some different camping chairs, folding table, sleeping mat and pillow.

Arrived Friday
We arrived in the Peak District around noon and decided we would take in a walk around Mam Tor before we went to set up at the campsite. Here is Our walk of Mam Tor.

Following Mam Tor, we went and found the Pomeroy campsite. Be warned, the sign is small and we did miss it and had to turn around.

A515 pomeroy campsite

I popped into the reception and was greeted by a very nice chap who told us which pitch we were on and where to find it.

Coleman Cobra 3

The Coleman Cobra only took 5 minutes to put up. It’s so easy, and enough room for 2 inflatable sleeping mats and a puppy in a crate. I will do a review of this tent and add the link here as soon as I can.

Evening meal consisted of soup and bread/butter which should have been quickly heated up on our Coleman Stove. However, we had a little trouble with the stove as we were not using the right fuel and it wasn’t vapourising/burning correctly. We switched over to our backup MSR fold away copy stove, fuelled by a gas canister. This isn’t as powerful as the Coleman and really struggled against the elements to get the soup hot. Anyway, our loss is your gain and you can read more about this in a future article – link will be here.

So with barely warm soup, a dark and cold evening, much disorganisation and a healthy helping of grumpy Mr TentLife, things were a little tense on the Pomeroy pitch. Things did improve though, as we were soon able to get cosy and warm in our beds. I was testing out my new EXPED inflatable sleeping mat (Synmat UL 7 M) and can honestly say it did help me to keep warm and comfy, here’s my review of it – click link.


Breakfast consisted of bacon and egg rolls and a few mugs of coffee. The gas canister stove (MSR) coped fine with frying the food and we made sure we put just the right amount of water in the kettle so it would boil.

Sitting out in the chill of the morning cooking our brekkie was very enjoyable. It was cold but the sun was shining, not sure what we would have done if it had been raining as we had no cover/tarp – Told you there was some disorganisation going on.

Today we visited Luds Church, a chasm some 18 metres deep and 100 metres long. We parked up at Gradbach and did a circular walk, taking in a cup of coffee and the aptly positioned Cafe at Gradbach Mill Hotel – Here is our review of the Luds Church Walk (coming soon).

Luds church

Saturday afternoon lunch was taken at The George pub in Castleton, Hope Valley. Just off the main drag up a side road (Castle Street), it was fairly quiet for a Saturday afternoon, the food was wonderful and they allowed dogs too.  Mrs TentLife had honey roast ham shank and I had a lamb and black pudding pie, both served with mustard mash. The price for the meal and a couple of pints was very reasonable, coming to a total of just £31. We’ve added a map so you can find it ;

George hotel castleton

We spent the time in this pub whilst the weather was not it’s best to plan our activities for tomorrow (Sunday).

Today we decided that we would go home instead of staying Sunday night. We had an appointment at 12noon on Monday, which meant that we would just have to pack up and leave in the morning. We weren’t going to get to see any more of the Peak District after today and so we packed up our stuff in the morning, threw it into the boot and headed off to our first destination.

First off was a circular walk taking in Derwent dam and part of Derwent Reservoir. This was a great walk, challenging on some parts, spectacular on others – Here is our link to the walk (coming soon).

Derwent Dam
Derwent Dam and Reservoir

We then began our drive toward home and stopped in to visit Ilam Park (ilam), a lovely 158 acre country park in Ilam. The buildings and ground here are beautiful, and this place is certainly worth a visit if you are in the area – Here’s our review and photos (coming soon).

Ilam Park
Ilam Park

Finally we set off for home, thinking that we need to come back to the Peak District quite a few more times because it has so much to offer and we have still so much to see.