Outwell Posadas double camp bed

Outwell Posadas camp bed – Any good?

My wife suffers from an inoperable back condition that causes her a lot of pain. A good nights sleep is essential for her well being. A bad nights sleep can result in her being in agony for days. So needless to say, if this works even just a little then it is well worth it.

After purchasing (what we believed was) the Outwell Cimelia Sleep System (which comprises an inflatable mattress and cushioned topper), my wife was still left with a lot of discomfort. Also, as it was designed to be placed on the floor it was very difficult for her to get on and off. You can read about the Cimelia Sleep System here.

Anyway, we decided to try a folding bed and went on the internet to do some research.

The reason we chose the Outwell Posedas double camp bed was because it had some good reviews and appeared very well made for the money.

We paid and it was promptly delivered. Unfortunately there was a fault with it (see bad points below), but good old Amazon accepted it back without any quibbles and gave us a full refund. We found another, slightly cheaper this time and tried again.

Our first impressions were that it was as well made as we had hoped and couldn’t wait to test it out.

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We have used this double bed on a few camping trips now and must say that we are very happy with it. Now, we do use the Cimelia Sleep system directly on top of the double bed for the extra comfort needed as explained above. However, lying directly on the bed using just your sleeping bag is very comfortable too.

I’ve listed the bad points first (very few) and then the good points as overall we are very pleased and would certainly recommend this product.

Bad Points,
– It can sometimes be a bit noisey when people get on or off it. This is due to the material sliding against the meal frame and making a lovely farting sound :0)
– When one person gets off/on the bed, the other is moved up/down. I imagine that this happens with all double camp beds and it’s not really a problem as long as you are careful.
– WARNING – As stated the first bed that was delivered had a problem with it. When you are putting the bed away and folding it in half, you have to make sure that the material is not stretched over the 4 protruding frame ends (see photo below). You have to ensure the material is tucked inside otherwise it can cause damage to the bed. (See image below)

Good Points,
– As you can see from the video below, it’s really easy to put up and fold away.
– It’s actually space saving because you can put all your belongings underneath the bed. We found this to be a big bonus and it allows us to keep the tent tidier. This advantage was not something we had considered when we bought it – BONUS.
– It doesn’t take up much room when folded away.
– There is ample room for 2 adults in separate sleeping bags without being restricted for room.
– It’s much easier to get into and out of bed as opposed to lying on the floor.
– The head area has additional cushioning for more comfort. The overall quality is excellent, with strong stitching and a robust storage bag (with carry handle).


Here’s our video showing how quick it can be put up and taken down.