Outwell Dreamboat Double 12.0

Outwell Dreamboat double

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There are many different types of mats available, all offering different features and different levels of comfort. I’m all for comfort after all a good night’s sleep can make or break a camping trip, no one wants to wake cold and aching. Trying to decide on the right mat can be daunting, there are many variables, pack size, temperature rating, thickness and price, we have been trying to find one that ticks all the boxes.

We think we may have a serious contender in the Outwell Dreamboat Double 12.0.

The size of the Dreamboat double 12.0 is 200 x 132 x 12 cm (LxWxH) making the Dreamboat pack size great for the size of mat. Outwell have used XL foam cavities these enhance comfort and reduce the pack size. When packed away it is 69 x 32 cm this includes straps and an easy to use fast fit bag, so not that big for a bed for 2 people. It weighs 5.2KG,

The smart thing with the Dreamboat 12 is that you can control your warmth level, one side of the mat is for cold weather the other side for warm, Outwell have made the side selection easy with a red image of a thermometer on one side a blue on the other. Therefore the Mat as two ratings of R-Value 2.8 (-3 degrees C) / 4.7 (-16 degrees C). We first used the mat in cold weather.

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On opening the valves for the first time the air started to be sucked in, I waited for 30 minutes and then decided to follow what the instructions suggested for its first use, and blow into it. Before long the bed was inflated, I lay on it, decided it was comfortable and then set about making up our bed. Just before bedtime, I checked on the mat and added a little more air. I had chosen the appropriate side when I first inflated the mat, this saved having to move it once inflated.

Here's the link for the instructions https://www.tentlife.co.uk/outwell-dreamboat-12-0cm-instructions/

There are two AFC Valves (Air Flow Control Valves) that are easy to operate and have three settings fully open, closed and deflate. When in the closed position you can add more air by blowing into the valve. Packing away is easy put the valves in the deflate position and fold the mat in half-length ways, fold the mat again to expel some air. The mat can then be rolled towards the from the bottom towards the valve at the opposite end, unroll and repeat until you get the desired pack size. Place the straps around each end of the rolled mat, and cover with the easy to use storage bag.


We have used the Outwell Dreamboat 12.0cm double on 5 trips now since early April, around two weeks in total, so it's been well tested in both cool and warm weather. Here's what we think............

Comfort wise, I have only good things to say, the fabric is soft to touch and the TPU that surrounds the foam is delamination proof. It’s warm in cooler weather and in warmer weather you don’t overheat, unlike with a lot of foam bedding. The Dreamboat 12.0 is extremely comfortable and easy to use. It also looks and feels great the pack-size is good for a mat of this size it is also really easily packed away.

If you like more space, two single Dreamboat 12.0 cm would make a completely perfect night’s sleep for you. Especially if you’re like me and sleep with a Carl who rises early and fidgets… Fortunately, the Dreamboat mat comes in single and double sizes as well as two thicknesses 7.5cm and 12.0cm.


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