Outwell Claros L Table

When we’re family camping I try to keep things organised and to a minimum. We have used different camping kitchens and those tables that have cupboards underneath, but unless the ground is level they can be a nuisance as things tend to slide around a lot. The cupboards are low down and so when you’re looking for stuff in the cupboards you end up on your knees (which isn’t good for me because mine pop out when knelt on). We now use stacking storage boxes which are permanently left in the van. They’re easily unloaded from the van to the tent, and contain our utensils, plates, dry food and other kitcheny bits.

We use a Coleman Sportster unleaded and a Vango Roar stove, both are excellent and well tested. The kitchen stand we used had metal lathes and the Vango Roar would slide a lot  if the floor wasn’t level. Also, it had slim legs and with the gaps between the lathes it just wasn’t safe. I wanted something I could use like a worktop, prepare food on and also and eat at.  We purchased a white folding table from eBay for £30 it worked OK but it was heavy, and the surface soon became really dirty and the marks wouldn’t come out and it got easily scratched a lot too. The screws had started to go rusty also, so we needed something more waterproof.


The Outwell Claros L seemed like the ideal solution for our varying needs. It’s much lighter than the cheap white table, so easier to carry and is much easier to put up. With it being a folding table it doesn’t take up much space when transporting. The table top is black so that was a bonus, not that I’m not a fan of cleaning but trying to keep something that is bright white looking good when it’s in and out of the van, used to cook on and eat at along with being left out in the rain, turned out to be an impossible task.

Where have we used it?
We have used the table on 4 trips now, 10 nights in Scotland, 5 nights in the East Wittering, Chichester, 4 nights in Aberafon, Caernarfon and 5 nights in Lizard, Cornwall. The table looks good with any tent, we have used it three different ones and it still looks like new. The black colour looks excellent and we have left it out in the rain on a few occasions without any issues. We have cooked meals for up to 6 people and there’s been ample room for us all. We have used the stoves we mentioned on it with no problems we have also used the Primus Kuchoma the table with hold up to 80Kg which is quite a sizeable weight. This table can’t be adjusted if you’re on uneven ground which is a bit of downside, but besides that it’s been a good solid table and it’s continuing to serve us well.

I believe that the Outwell Claros will be with us and serving our family for a long time to come.

Technical Specs

  • 80kg max load
  • Steel, waterproof frame
  • Practical handle for easy transport
  • Table Top Height 71 cm
  • Dimensions 71 x 152 x 73 cm
  • Folded Size 71 x 76 x 7 cm
  • Weight Capacity 80kg
  • Weight 7.7kg

Where to buy?