Outwell Cimelia Sleep System

The bed is a rather unfortunate tale, now we went into our local ultimate outdoors and I briefly explained my predicament (arthritis in upper spine and a torn disc in the lower spine),  the man whom was polite and well versed in wild camping told me that a Coleman Maxi Comfort Airbed would be the best thing for me, I was a little sceptical and it was £39.00 I didn't really want to be left with an airbed that would never see the light of day again if it didn't work, (I’m no Eco Warrior but that is an awful lot of plastic to waste) so I came home and jumped online I found the very same mattress on Amazon in a warehouse deal for £20, so I thought that for £20 if it didn't work then I would be able to keep it and if we had overnight guests they could sleep on it. It arrived the next day I blew it up and lay on it, it felt a little uncomfortable I thought that with the sleeping bag on top and by adjusting the amount of air in my side it would be okay. How wrong was I!!!!!!! We rocked up at Highertown Farm Campsite in Lansallos village in Cornwall in early April, it was freezing and it was our first camping trip for many years, we set up and blew up the bed, and went off exploring, it really is a beautiful location. I was extremely tired and went to bed not long after dinner at around 10pm, it wasn't a comfortable night sleep I was a little cold but this was nothing compared to not being able to get comfortable. I must have eventually fallen asleep because I awoke unable to move to find that I was in the middle of the bed, my husband’s side had deflated quite a bit during the night and when he got up I had rolled and I was now half on my inflated side and half on the deflated flat side. The next night came around and I was dreading it, we had inflated the bed again and checked the seals etc my legs kept losing feeling and I can't lie on my hips, I was in agony and I didn't sleep at all. The bed again went down on my husband’s side but this time I go him to help me into my chair and I sat with my legs up and a blanket around me for a few hours waiting for the pain killers to kick in. We returned the faulty (on one side) Coleman Airbed to Amazon and received a full refund it went further downhill from here.

It was obvious that we needed to invest in decent bed, the children have Self-Inflating Mats and the thicker of the three (6cm is rather comfortable to lay on for a short period) I did some investigation and I found what I thought would be a solution to my problem an Outwell sleep system called Cimelia, we ordered it from Taunton Leisure it was on offer at the time for  £125.99, the pictures online lead to confusion because of the different pictures displayed on different sites, therefore I wasn't completely sure what I would be getting. It arrived a few days later I unboxed it the memory foam topper seemed fine but I was concerned about the thickness of the Self Inflating Mattress (SIM), I assembled it and lay on it, it was more comfortable than the airbed out it that way. Our next trip was The Lake District this was the first time I spent a whole night on the sleep system that is “ideal for people with back problems”, it was better than the airbed but then again so was a 3cm depth SIM for a fraction of the price. I haven't had a decent night’s sleep on the Cimelia double sleeping mat, it’s simply not thick enough to offer any support to my spine, I’m constantly tossing and turning because my lower spine is not supported it’s far too thin and feels like your touching the ground, my legs lose all feeling it’s the same sensation I get if I lay on a very hard sprung mattress, you can’t lay on your side either because It causes hip pain, granted I have a torn disc in my lower back and I have arthritis in my upper spine between my shoulder blades, however after trying to sleep on this system I feel dreadful, it makes all of my spine hurt. I feel that I’ve been somewhat misled by the claims made by Outwell, they have changed the system this year (2017), instead of a 5cm Dreamweaver SIM they have used a Reel Airbed the system is now double the thickness of the previous version, I have no idea if it’s any more comfortable. We have purchased a double camp bed to put the sleeping mat on to see if this helps.

Information at point of purchase.

Some of the online pictures.

What we actually received.

I wouldn’t recommend buying this if you suffer from a bad back (which some of the advertising suggests it's designed for) you could buy a cheaper thicker SIM and purchase a cheap mattress topper and achieve the same for less money, there is also the issue of space, it takes up a lot of space because you have a SIM and a large rolled up topper, it comes with storage bags but you still have over double the space being used up, I now also have to carry a double camp bed on trips because the Cimelia is no good for me. If you don’t have a back problem then there are a lot of cheaper alternatives, my husband finds that a 6cm thick SIM that will cost you from £23.99 upwards, is fine. My advice would be to start at the lower end of the price spectrum first because we've now forked out over £200 which would have been a lot more had we paid the RRP that Outwell suggest, I'm still unsure as to whether I’m going to get any decent sleep.


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