Olpro compact windbreak

olpro laurel windbreak

We’ve been looking into getting some windbreaks for use when camping for a while now. In particular we wanted some so as to create an area that isolates our young dogs from their surroundings. Any distraction such as passers by results in them wanting to break for freedom and make friends with absolutely everyone.

The OLPRO windbreak range had been on our radar for some time because of their funky and unusual patterns. I decided on the laurel design as I liked the idea of it blending in with the surroundings of the campsite.

The OLPRO Laurel windbreak is 4 poled, 3 panelled, just short of a very useful 5 metres long, 1.4 metres high and it comes with guy ropes for extra support.

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Once you’ve disposed of the outer cardboard box, the OLPRO windbreak includes it’s own draw string carry bag that carries the same print design as the windbreak itself which is a cool little touch. When it is packed away, it doesn’t take up much room as each pole splits into 2. The whole bundle only weighs just over 3kg, so overall it packs down small and is lightweight too. The tough polyester material has a lovely feel to it, not plastic like some other windbreaks. This choice of material also makes it quieter if it does flap around in higher winds, and if it does get dirty it can be easily wiped clean or even put in your washing mashing on a low temperature and dried over your washing line.

With their quirky and unique designs, these OLPRO windbreaks are certainly worth considering. Granted there are cheaper windbreaks available, but having used one I would say that they are good value for money and should last a long time. It will be coming with us on many more camping trips.

Did the windbreaks work with the dogs? Yes, they really did help, although as our dogs ae quite determined to make new friends they did occasionally find their way out. This was nothing to do with the windbreaks though, more to do with wanting to play with the neighbours Labrador.

We have found that buying from OLPRO directly was the best price we could find for their windbreaks.
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