Vango Cocoon 250 – A slightly wider sleeping bag

Vango cocoon 250

I have been using the Vango Cadair 250 sleeping bag that we purchased from Amazon. It’s a good bag, very warm and I can highly recommend it. However, as I spend quite a lot of time at the gym I have a growing chest and shoulders so my current bag is becoming more and more restrictive. That’s not the fault of the bag, as to be honest, any normal adult sized bag would probably feel just as restrictive around my chest/shoulders.

Large Sleeping Bag

I searched the internet for a larger sized sleeping bag and decided on the Vango Cocoon 250. The Cocoon range is designed for those who “desire freedom of movement for maximum comfort”. I managed to get myself a bargain green one for £23 as they are stopping making/selling them (usually about £28). I got my new Vango Cocoon 250 from eBay – Here’s the link

Vango Cocoon 250

I’ve taken some photos to show you the difference in size, and as you can see the Cocoon is a good few inches wider.

Large sleeping bag

Here’s the numbers ;

Vango cocoon 250Internal chest size;
Cadair – width 78cm / 30inches
Cocoon – width 96cm / 36inches

Before I wrote this review, I got myself inside the Cocoon 250 and must say that it is a lot more roomy than my other sleeping bag. I am able to move my arms around more easily, it doesn’t feel as claustrophobic or restrictive and is actually easier to get in and out of.

I’ve got a 42/44” chest and quite broad shoulders, I’m 15 stone and 5’11” tall and this bag feels great. I would certainly recommend the Cocoon 250 for those who need more room than a normal sized sleeping bag. It certain I feels as though it is going to be as warm as the Cadair bag, and it has the same pull cord system around the shoulders and the hood.


Sleeping Beauty

Once I have tried it a few times for real, I will add some more to this review and let you know how it was (update below).

Here’s a photo of me looking like a ‘little pea in a pod’ (alternatively, a big prat).

Cocoon 250 Vango Cocoon

Looking for a new sleeping bag?
Here’s a link to Amazon – Here’s a link to eBay

We went camping at the end of April 2017. Although the weather was fairly mild during the day, the nights were quite cold. However, I must say that the Vango Cocoon 250 kept me lovely and toasty. I was able to just sleep in my PJ’s, no extra layers needed. We were away for 4 nights and every one was very comfortable. As hoped with the larger size, there was plenty of room for me and it was easier to get out off when I needed the loo (i’m old).