LifeVenture Ellipse Tableware

I’m a person that likes plain, functional yet attractive things, I brought a melamine dining set some years ago when we first started to camp more regularly. The set was on an Amazon warehouse deal (I didn’t particularly like them when I purchased them, but the price was right, and I do feel the need to have things that match). We’re a family of five, so here the problems start (I don’t want two set of minging tableware, one was enough, and I didn’t want to fork out for a whole set when I only needed four items from 16), our beloved minging melamine tableware set unfortunately got a crack in a plate, I know, the horror!
I was a plate, side plate, bowl and mug short, we had a few emergency plain orange plastic plates, now this orange teamed with the floral monochrome was slowly eating away at my soul, some may say first world problems. This was more than a minor irritation, this was more akin to some nasty nettle rash on some delicate parts (I once fell in some nettles in my youth, slightly drunk whilst making a moonlight stream), it was making my camp cooking unpleasant.
I’m still to this day unaware of why you need side plates when camping, it’s just another plate that people will use rather than wash up the larger plates because you have to walk across a field to do the washing up, most people are lazy by design (I like to call it energy efficient).
We don’t just family camp and I’m environmentally conscious, so when replacing the tableware, I’m looking for a one size fits all solution, something I can family camp with and stuff in or on my rucksack. We decided to try out LifeVenture tableware, they come in a choice of four colours, all uncomplicated, I plumped for Graphite and Purple, so we have a mixture of colours that complement each other and when wild camping I don’t have to share Mr TentLife’s germs and I get my own set 😉


Ellipse Plates
The plates are great for both for all types of camping they are quite deep which makes them great if you’re eating curry, casserole anything that isn’t solid, they do away with a need for a bowl. They have a hook, so you can attach them to the outside of your pack when travelling and space is a premium. They’re though made from durable BPA free plastic, but most importantly to me they’re made in the UK. This is great because of the carbon footprint, supporting the economy and jobs for the UK.

Ellipse Bowls
Both types of bowl are good the ridged camping bowl is easy to clean and again comes with a hanging loop and is made in the UK Made from lightweight, durable plastic it’s BPA free and Microwave safe.

The collapsible bowl is good if you’re short on space, the children have had cereal in them (granted ours are teenagers, so can just about manage these things, just) and they hold their shape, so you don’t have to worry about needing a table, you can hold them with your hand under the bowl and have them on your lap. These bowls also have the hanging loop and are made from food grade materials, they have a rigid nylon base and flexible silicone walls. The flat folding bowls are BPA free.

Ellipse Cutlery
The Ellipse cutlery have proven to be good for us also, they lock together which means they’re easy to store and transport, again we take these on all types of camping trips.  I have used the knife to eat an inch and half thick T-Bone steak, granted it was tender, but that is some going for a plastic knife. I like the cutlery we have taken them on many trips and they still look new and they fit in our backpacks without any problem. They come on day trips, along with the plates so that we can eat at some beautiful locations. Like the Ellipse plates they’re made in the UK Made from lightweight, durable plastic it’s BPA free and Microwave safe.


Ellipse Collapsible Cup
I may sometimes enjoy sharing a bottle of Red with Mr TentLife after a long day exploring the hills and mountains and the Ellipse Collapsible Cup is great if you don’t want to carry wine glasses and again they take up hardly any space. They can be used for none alcoholic drinks, I do enjoy a nice cordial, they’re easy to store and easily cleaned, we have been known to use mugs for wine, when needs must, however these are great for the job and you can always have one with you. They have a rigid nylon base and flexible silicone walls. The flat folding bowls are BPA free.

Ellipse Insulated Mug
My favourite item of the LifeVenture Ellipse Camping Tableware series is the Ellipse Insulated Mugs, I’m a big fan of coffee, I’m also great at leaving it too long, cold Coffee is unpleasant, it’s vile, you take a gulp expecting some warm delightful rich yet soft and slightly bitter taste to hit your tongue but instead you get this unexpected and unwanted vile cold liquid. It’s not good, it’s horrid. This is why I love these mugs so much they keep drinks hot for an hour, so when I get side tracked or have to sort something out, even when venturing to the toilet upon return my drink is still wonderful. I find them most useful whilst preparing and cooking, my drink stays warm and I have something to drink whilst I prepare and feed the family and myself.
They’re great in the summer if wasps are around if you put sweet drinks in the mugs with the lids on the drink remains wasp free inside.
This cannot be said for spider in Dartmoor whilst wild camping, because I was drinking one, it was dead, but the mug had been placed on the forest floor (clearly on reflection a stupid thing to do), whilst breakfast was prepared by Mr TentLife-Mears (who’d have thought it would take Wild Camping to spring him into action?). I went for the warm Coffee goodness, but it was lumpy, I refused to swallow! I spat out the contents of my mouth and was greeted by a dead partially disembodied yellowish looking spider. The mugs are great it’s nice to have a warm drink, when outside drinks cool a lot more quickly and things like cooking a family meal tend to take a little longer, so warm drinks tend to go cold it’s nice to be able to keep drinks warm rather than having to throw them away and make another wasting gas or petrol.

Would I Recommend Them?
I absolutely would, like I've stated already they're made in the UK which means they haven't travelled miles from China and that in buying these I'm supporting the Environment and the economy which is a big plus for me, they can be used for all types of camping which means I haven't got to fork out and buy different tableware for backpacking which is also good for the Environment and my wallet, they take up hardly any room because they stack together. They're very tough, they look fresh and they're easy to clean. We've been using them since late July and they've been on 6 camping trips one of them was backpacking, an endless amount of day trips and they still look great.

Where to Buy?
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