Leki MAKALU Walking Poles

Firstly lets disband any notion that walking poles are for old people or the less abled, they're not! When hiking down mountains they can be invaluable, the extra help they lend to the knees is great, lots of people of all ages, sexes and sizes use them over different terrains. Admittedly I have mobility issues and I wouldn't be able to hike without them, but my Husband uses some and so does our middle Daughter, they both find that they help during descents.
I reviewed some poles a while back whilst they're good poles for the money they wobble under load and often start to slide shut when you apply more weight on hill and mountain descent, like I've mentioned I have a disability, I have a spinal injury, no feeling in my toes in my left foot and knees that dislocate when flexed at 45 degrees or more, so I have to use poles and they need to be robust  

The Leki Makalu poles are made from Aluminium HTS 6.5 (High Tensile Strength), they’re lightweight the pair weigh 512g and they have LEKI”S new SPEEDLOCK 2 which means you can adjust and fix really quickly even wearing really thick gloves in all weather conditions, the holding power can be adjusted with no need for tools. Speedlock 2 is 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the original Speedlock. It is the highest holding force of all external locking systems on the market for additional safety. 

I used them in the Peak Distict during a long weekend away in early October and again around Park Plantation in the Malvern Hills area few weeks ago in torrential rain, they have been great, when you rely on something to help you walk especially when you're very high up you want them to feel stable and reliable, I experienced no wobbling or movement in the poles. Yes I’m disabled but I’m not that old, 40 is no age, or so they say but you don’t have to be old and unsteady to use walking poles. Like I've already mentioned but I feel that I should reiterate, walking poles are used by many walkers and hikers of all ages because they make hills easier, especially the stress on the knees, they also offer up more support on slippy terrains, they’re especially handy when it’s very muddy or boggy under foot. These poles are also suitable for taller hikers over 180cm - 5ft 10in which is unusual for their weight, they are 70cm long when not extended and they extend to 145cm.
These poles are very comfortable more comfortable than the cheap non branded carbon fibre ones that a own, they have Leki’s edgeless and ultralight Aergon Thermo grip for a comfortable fit in every hand. The security strap is light and easy to adjust, I walked up a good hill in the peaks with them along Derwent edge and they saved me from falling on numerous  occasions during the walk in the torrential rain in the Park Plantation, my boots leaked, my waterproof coat failed, and it was like a clay river underfoot. I used them mid November in the Brecon Beacons, we climbed Pen Y Fan and they're great for weekend walking especially because it's autumn at the moment and the many leaves slide on the mud making it slippery underfoot.

I was walking the dog the other day and the clocks have gone back so it’s dark early now, I was thinking that the poles can also offer some sense of security and protection to people (I was thinking about women specifically, I’m not being sexiest, I was simply thinking about our girls), especially when your out alone walking in poor light, these poles would be very handy to defend yourself.


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