Katadyn BeFree water filter bottle

Isle of Arran again. Nothing like ice cold fresh spring water.

Katadyn BeFree water filter bottle - This handy water filter bottle has been away with us on many occasions, and we now rarely hike or wild camp anywhere without it.

Like it’s name suggests, the BeFree is designed to go everywhere and is the perfect companion for those who adore the great outdoors. Because of it being lightweight and having a small pack size, it always finds its way into one of our rucksacks ready for our next adventure.

The bottle part that holds the liquid is like a bag or bladder, so when not in use and empty it flattens down and rolls away to a small and convenient size. It’s strong too, the material on ours has stood up to plenty of use and isn’t showing any signs of wear or splitting.

It’s helped us to brew a cracking cup of coffee whilst canoeing and picnicking on Llynn Padarn (Llanberis Lake) in Wales. Surrounded by water we just filtered it through the BeFree and we were good to go for a brew. We’ve also drunk water from streams, waterfalls and lake on many occasions through the summer when we’ve been need of some rehydration.

Here is a writeup of us using the Katadyn BeFree filter, whilst canoeing and picnicking on Llyn Padarn in Wales - good fun !!

The filter is designed to handle slightly cloudy water down to 0.1 microns and is effective against micro-organisms. All of our family have used it, and it works great. We’ve let our kids drink filtered water from Tarns and streams and there have never been any health issues, EVER. Common sense must prevail here regarding the safety of the water you drink - no stagnant/smelly water, no dead animals or other local pollutants upstream and the Katadyn BeFree will do the rest, effortlessly.

EZ-Clean membrane - Cleaning of the filter material is easy, just unscrew the lid (which houses the membrane) from the bottle, give it a swish about in some water to dislodge the debris and then you are good to go again.

What more can we say? We’ve used it consistently and confidently for many months, in many different locations and we let our kids drink out of it regularly when out and about. Nobody wants their kids to be ill, and who wants to suffer an upset stomach whilst on a hike or out camping – not me thank you.

We have the Katadyn BeFree Tactical bottle that holds 1ltr of water. There is also a 0.6ltr size available in a different colour too, dependant on your requirements.

UPDATE - Since we originally wrote this review, we have taken the Katadyn Tactical with us wild camping to numerous places. As long as there is suitable water nearby, it has allowed us to camp out in plenty of beautiful locations. Also, we shared it on our FaceBook TentLife group and a number of people have mentioned how good the water flow rate of the Katadyn was much better than many other filters currently on the market.

Our Katadyn being used on the Isle Of Arran.

Katadyn and coffee, a great combo in Dartmoor

Isle of Arran again. Nothing like ice cold fresh spring water.

Isle of Arran again. Nothing like ice cold fresh spring water.

Dartmoor again, trekking through the woods with a drink.

We have now been wild camping for 2 nights on Dartmoor as well as 4 nights in Scotland and on the Isle of Arran. As I've aleady said, we always make sure that we pitch up next to fresh running water. We run it through the Katadyn and pour it into our stove to boil it up for a fresh coffee (we love our AeroPress) or using it in one of our freeze dried Trek N Eat meals (delicious). We are not the most experienced of wild campers (yet), but kit like this does give you the reassurance that you won't run out of water, have to carry water for miles and also keep yourself healthy. The Katadyn BeFree water filter comes with us whever we go, and it comes highly recommended.

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