Kampa Kip Highrise 10 double SIM review

The Kampa Kip Highrise 10 is a double self inflating mattress with generous proportions and providing some wonderful sleeping comfort to your camping trips. We took the Kip Highrise away with us on a couple of camping trips to see if this SIM would live up to our expectations.

Is there really that much to be said about a self inflating mat?
If you are wading through the many double self inflating mat options and trying to find the right one to purchasae, how do you choose between them all? We are not here to compare one brand against another, we are here to show you whether a product does what you would expect from it. Predominantly with a self inflating mat, this would be comfort and whether it went flat overnight. Besides that, other factors to consider are how easy it was to inflate and what it’s pack size is.

As with all gear we write about, we test it first so that we can help you to make a more informed decision. So with the points mentioned, what were our findings with the Kampa Kip HighRise 10?


Camping trips
First outing for the Kampa Kip Highrise was to Kettlewell campsite in North Yorkshire. This was our second visit to this lovely campsite and we were testing the Eurohike Rydale 500 tent and got to try out the Highrise Kip for a couple of nights.

Our second trip out was also 2 nights to The Secret Garden Touring Park in Wisbech. Mrs TentLife has an inoperable spinal condition, so the fact that we were using this mat for a second trip was a very good indicator of how comfortable it had been. The Secret Garden is a wonderful campsite, we had a lovely large pitch for testing the Coleman Pinto Mountain tent and to top it off it was the weekend of their annual craft fair.

Kampa Highrise Kip 10 Double.
The sleeping surface has a nice soft feel to it, light grey in colour with the rest of the mat being a dark grey. On both camping occasions we slept in the Outwell Colibri double sleeping bag and slept directly on the mat. We have never been ones for extra sheets or mattress toppers, it’s just more to pack and there really isn’t any need if you are in a sleeping bag.

The SIM has 2 ‘easy-use’ valves which can be set in three positions, these are Fully open, Deflate only and Inflate only.

This isn’t the thickest SIM we’ve tried out but we were really impressed with how it felt when in use. Being less thick means a smaller pack size and for a double, this packs down quite well. The Kampa Kip Highrise 10 was soft yet supportive and we didn’t sink through it and hit the floor. Also just as important was the fact that when I got on and off many times for a wee and got up early in the morning, Mrs TentLife wasn’t thrown about by my activities. Some mats are like being on a bouncy castle when your partner is moving about, not with the Kampa Highrise.
On the second camping trip we were using the car instead of the TentLife van, and I was impressed with the pack size. This really helped with space in the car, as other mats we have tried would have taken up more room and as we all know when camping there is never enough space :o)

First inflation.
As with all self-inflating mats, the first time you use them from the factory will be the time that they take the longest to inflate. They will have been rolled up at the factory and could have been sat in that condition for a long time. We would suggest that when you hit the campsite and get your tent pitched, you should then get the SIM out, lay it out flat, open the valves fully and leave it for some time whilst you go about setting up the rest of your camping gear. You can come back to it later to top it off to the required firmness, see below.

You can blow into the Highrise to speed up the inflation process, or increase the firmness. With the valves in the ‘inflate only’ position so the air doesn’t come back out, put your mouth over one of the openings until the desired firmness is reached then just close the cover on each valve.

Topping this mat up was rather painless, it didn't take much effort on our part. The mat had already drawn in a lot of are itself and didn't need that much adding to it. Gone are the days of blowing your lungs out to get somewhere comfortable to sleep.

Lying here on Friday morning in the tranquillity of our North Yorkshire campsite, the rain pattering down on the tent and Mrs TentLife quietly snoring next to me. The perfect explanation of how comfortable this mat is.

Mrs TentLife doesn’t usually snore, she had a little cold and what she had also been in a lot of pain because of her back injury. You may better understand now how difficult it can be for her to get comfortable, and the Highrise Kip Double certainly seemed to be supplying that. I wonder if Kampa do ear plugs, she would argue that she needs them more than I do.

It didn’t deflate overnight either, and was as firm as when it was set up the night before. We here so many stories of people complaining about their sleeping beds going down overnight and needing regular topping up. We can honestly say that on both camping trips we didn’t need to top up the mats firmness at all. The only time we touched the valves was to put it up and take it down, we were very impressed.

Packing away
This was one of the easiest mats to pack away ready for its next trip. Flipping the valves to their open position allowed the majority of the air to be released. Then just flip the valve to the deflate position, this allows you to push out the rest of the air out of the mat without it being drawn back in again. We found kneeling on it the rolled up most effective, then as we said, when you get off the mat the valve wont draw any air back in.

The Highrise is supplied with 2 elasticated securing straps, which hold everything in place whilst you slide everything into the generously sized storage bag – Done!

The Kip HighRise double delivers on all the important points and for a very competitive price. At the time of writing (July 2019), you could buy the HighRise 10 for around £140. That’s cheaper than most of its competitors and we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this double self inflating mat.