An electric toothbrush for camping

Camping Toothbrush

People may say that an electric toothbrush for camping is quite unnecessary and why not just take a normal toothbrush with you.

Granted, there are many advantages to just taking a normal toothbrush - i.e you can’t all use an electric toothbrush at the same time. You will have to wait and take it in turns.

One reason that people love electric toothbrushes is that they are a lot better at cleaning your teeth, especially if you have little ones at least you know that they will be looking after their pearly whites as best you/they can.

Also, if you’ve gotten used to using an an electric toothbrush at home, then your teeth never quite feel as clean using anything else.

Too much camping !!

Now you can get super cheap electric toothbrushes, ones that run off pencil batteries and also ones that are rechargeable. But what happens if/when they run out??

Braun are the leaders when it comes to electric toothbrushes, our family have had one for years. The kids all love using it, and as I said earlier - at least with an electric toothbrush, their teeth stand a better chance of getting cleaned properly.

Dogs bum

Our Braun rechargeable toothbrush comes away camping with us, but one thing we have noticed that on longer trips it was no longer lasting the full length of the holiday. This is probably due to its age and the amount of work it’s required to do (there are 5 of us).

The sound of a flagging toothbrush is a sorry sound, it’s also like brushing your teeth with a handful of lettuce leaves. OK, if you have an electric hookup, then you can take the charging base with you, but that’s just another bit of kit you’ve got to pack and remember to bring with you. All you really want to do is just throw it in your wash bag (don’t forget the heads) and have it last the entire trip.

No extra charging and no having it run out half way through your camping, leaving you with a mouth that feels and smells like a dogs hind quarters.

Amazon Deals

We saw a new Braun toothbrush on a lightning deal on amazon. Well I say we, what I really mean is Mrs TentLife saw it. She sits at the gates of Amazon waiting patiently, silently and without breathe, like the Guards at the Queens Palace or a viper waiting to strike at its prey. No deals get past her alive.

This toothbrush claimed that it had superior battery capacity and that it would last a lot longer than its predecessors. In fact most NEW Braun electric toothbrushes say that they have batteries that will last up to two weeks - so we decided to put it to the test.

They were not wrong, this thing is an animal. On just one charge it seems to last for ages, it just goes on and on and on (adult joke, maybe Braun should make vibrators).

Our camping toothbrush

This is now our go-to toothbrush for camping, it's a Braun Thingy Watsit (link below) . It easily lasts the full duration of our long trips without it running out of steam. We don’t bring the charger with us (especially when we don’t have an electric hookup, hahaha - SORRY). It lasts fine with the 5 of us, 2 times per day (that's a lie) for 5 days, it’s so good even the dogs have started queuing up to use it. It’s like Braun have employed Elon Musk (Tesla), and had him locked away until he gave them the most super-duper of rechargeable toothbrushes.

Anyway, I never thought this would be such an exciting topic to write about, and to be honest it isn’t. Let’s not kid ourselves that it’s just a toothbrush and it doesn’t have any magical powers. It won’t make the views of the Jurassic Coast any more stunning or the walks of the Peak District any more breathtaking (LOL), but it will be reliable and one less thing to worry about. And let’s be honest, camping with a family can be stressful and we need all the help we can get.

So on that basis, we do recommend this rechargeable toothbrush because you can just pack it, forget about it and leave it to the job of caring for your family’s teeth.