Disinfectant wipes

Handy tip for camping – Disinfectant wipes, so versatile.

Keeping a nice clean ship is important when camping. Keeping things nice and tidy whilst on your camping trip helps to keep things less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our tip is to take with you some disinfectant wipes for clean those food prepping surfaces, small spills and even dirty hands etc. No need to take a spray bottle of kitchen cleaner and a cloth, just replace them with a cheap pack of wipes and you are good to go, and they don’t take up as much room and won’t leak all over your car. You can pick a decent sized pack up from your local supermarket for £1 to £2.

Asda disinfectant wipes Tesco disinfectant wipes

Also, when the kids (or Husband) help keep things tidy up, they can do less damage with a pack of wipes instead of a spray bottle.

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