Cooking and Cleaning

Colapz Liquid Carrier
We have found this invaluable it's been the best water carrier by far and it looks good and is better for the environment!

LifeVenture Ellipse Tableware
Great Colours, durable, easily transported, suitable for all types of camping and made in the UK what more can you ask for?

Cooking Without the need for EHU

Coleman Unleaded Sportster Camping Stove,
It's our go to stove it's versatile and you can use it anywhere, petrol is readily available, so you can't really go wrong!

The Campingaz Party Grill 600
This piece of kit for family camping really impressed me, I've been cooking up a storm, it's very functional and can be used in many different ways from boiling a kettle to a full blown mixed grill with onions rings and fries.

Vango Roar Stove
Another stove that is small but perfectly formed runs on the screw type gas canisters and it boils water in a few minutes, essential for my morning Coffee.

Primus Onja Stove
Fancy something a little different stylish with a touch of class, this can be used on the campsite, out and about or in your garden at home. Complete with carrying strap and chopping board.

Primus Kuchoma Grill
With it's simple yet effective design, it's impressive and it works well. Let's be honest we all like things that look nice and this is an attractive bit of kit.

Cooking with an EHU

When we first started out we had a EuroHike camp kitchen and a table with storage underneath these are great for storage and food prep.
We have many things that we have available for cooking, we are a family of five and sometimes we have friends and family join us also, so going for a meal out can often easily come to over £100, we used to have an EHU when all of us camp together because we can take the fridge and this allows us to cook all manner of foods and not live off one pot meals and BBQ food.

At home we have a Phillip Air Fryer which is quick and a more healthy than frying, we used to take it camping with us but it wasn't cheap and it was getting damaged with all the travelling so we purchased a
Halogen Oven, we also used a George Foreman Grill.

Pans are essential also the Primus CampFire pan set, not only look great the size is good, they're easy to clean, store and they're well made.

I've already mentioned the fridge ours is electric both 12 volt and 240 volt, you can get them that run off gas also
A Fridge Freezer for camping

A large gas bottle is often used when camping but it's difficult to tell how much gas is in them to the untrained eye, here is how to test it.
How to test a gas bottle

We use a Collapsible Washing up Bowl, I especially like this, because I can wash up at the tent.