Collapsible washing up bowls

collapsible Washing up bowl

When camping you always need to get all your cooking and eating stuff to the washing area and back again. Chances are you won’t want to take your kitchen sink bowl and you may possibly not have enough room for such a big item (although you can fill it up with camping stuff).

We didn’t want to take our washing up bowl, so we just used to carry all our stuff to the wash room in a plastic bag. This solution is great, right up to the point where the sharp knives decide to stick through the bag and impale themselves into your legs/feet.

A good solution to this very serious first world problem is to buy a collapsible washing bowl or bucket of some description. Here are just  a couple of different space saving solutions for your consideration.

The first one we have is a collapsible bucket, this one is from Outwell. We opted for a bucket instead of a collapsible bowl because it comes with a lid and can be used for other things besides just transporting the washing up.

It’s a good size and you can get lots of dirty plates, bowls and cutlery in there. It’s made from very tough plastic and has a sturdy carry handle with a comfortable grip. It has been with us for a number of years now and is still going strong with no signs of wear.

The bucket flips out into it’s full size with ease, just hold the handle with one hand and push down on the centre of the base with the other hand – done.

Folding away is also simple, best achieved by placing it on the floor and pushing down with a hand on each side of the rim gently. We purchased ours from Amazon - Here's the link

Washing up bag

The second item we suggest is more of a bag design, it folds away even smaller than the bucket above and any other rigid bowl. It is fully waterproof and lined on the inside with quite tough durable material.

This bag styled bowl holds water whilst washing your pots and can be easily turned inside out for cleaning, just give it a wipe down with a cloth.

The overall build quality is good and the stitching seems very strong. We got ours from Amazon - Here's the link. There are many different types available but we would recommend that you opt for one from a reputable brand so it lasts more than 5 minutes.

Collapsible water bucket

In conclusion, the collapsible bucket holds more stuff than the bag style bowl. This makes it ideal for larger families who might have more stuff to transport. However, the bag style bowl does take up very little space as it rolls up really small. It all depends on what your individual needs are, but we hope this article has helped.