Coleman Basalt double sleeping bag review

The Coleman Basalt double sleeping bag - A couples sleeping bag with a few rather handy features.

Like with all Coleman products, whether it’s tents, lanterns, stoves etc. they always have some brilliant little features that make them stand out from their competition. The Basalt sleeping bag is no exception, and it has a number of features that we found quite brilliant.

We’ve used this sleeping bag on 2 camping trips now and have found it very comfortable and will certainly be using it again. We will be doing some early season tent testing in the spring and this will certainly be the bag we will be taking.

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The bag is grey in colour with a checked blue and grey interior. The inner material is lovely and soft and does make this bag feel very cosy. It is also very roomy inside, being 150cm wide and this was a good size to give us plenty of room to move about but also keep us warm.
As for the warmth, yes it is - Thanks to ‘Coletherm insulation’, this bag has a comfort level of -5 degrees, a lower limit of -12 and an extreme of -32. Hefty claims, and I will certainly not be camping at temperatures anywhere near -12.

The bag is filled with synthetic hollowfibre material and it certainly does keep you warm and toasty, and on a couple of nights I did have to open up the bag to regulate my temperature. A warmer bag than you need is always better than one that is too cold as it is easier to open up the bag and stick an arm or a leg out instead of having to get more blankets or put more clothes on.

Lets get back to those handy features, and the first I shall mention are those related to warmth. I’ve not used a double sleeping bag that has a hood on it before, and this hood is rather good. As well as having extra insulation in it, it also has a large baffle that runs around the outer edge that helps to keep the draft away from your head. Then there are the draw strings, infact there are two. Pulling the string draws the outer of the hood nice and snug around your head and then there is another string that pulls the bag more snugly around your neck/chin to keep the heat in.

The other warmth feature I want to mention is what Coleman call ‘Thermalock’. On the inside of the bag is another baffle full of insulating material that sits behind the zip. This means that any heat inside the sleeping bag will not be lost through the zip as the baffle stops this from happening very clever.


Other features.
The Basalt sleeping bag has inside pockets for stashing handy stuff like a torch or a mobile phone. I’ve got a rather large iPhone 8 and managed to fit that into the pocket easily, there is a pocket on each side of the sleeping bag.

Also, something else that is ‘oh-so-useful’ and really works is something Coleman call the ‘ZipPlow’. Sounds exciting, what is this we here you shout. The sliders on the Basalt sleeping bags zips have a large red plastic body that prevent any snagging, perfect for getting yourself quickly tucked back into bed after that midnight trip to the loo.

The Basalt sleeping bag material has been treated with an anti-odour coating, designed to keep the bag fresher for longer. Does the anti-odour treatment work, we don’t know. Although I am a smelly man, we have only used this bag a few times and even I would need to use it a few more times to get it stinky. Sleeping bags can get smelly though, especially in the warm weather so we think that this is an excellent idea. Also, when you do need to finally give this sleeping bag a wash, the fact that the front and the back zip apart so you can wash them separately and not overload your washing machine.

It comes with its own large and robust carry bag. It has a sewn in handle, and overall it only weighs 4kg. The sleeping bag fits back into it’s carry bag easily and there is no struggling or fighting needed to get it neatly packed away.

For a double sleeping bag with all these features and warmth I feel that this is an excellent piece of couples camping gear. It offers great value for money and I would suggest that it would be very difficult to find a better bag.

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