Colapz Liquid Carrier

Colapz water carrier

“Water carriers, what does everyone use as most of the cheap ones are really crap.”

I asked this question on our Facebook group (click here) and got many answers.

Water carrierMost people agreed that the cheap foldaway versions were not very good. People said they had just resorted to using them for a couple of trips and then throwing them away. Others said that each time they camped, they just purchased the large bottles of water from the supermarket that come with the carry handles and then also threw them away.

That’s a lot of stuff unnecessarily getting sent to landfill, whether it’s rubbish water carriers or cheap plastic bottles.

Someone in the group then recommended a water carrier from a company called Colapz. As soon as I saw this, I thought it looked brilliant and ticked many boxes.

We quickly got onto the manufacturers and asked all about it, explaining about my question to the group and that their product had been mentioned and recommended.

ColapzThe very kind gentleman promptly put one of the Colapz water carriers in the post for us to test on our imminent camping trip to Durdle Door. Here are our findings.

We received a Funky Purple coloured water carrier and promptly had a look inside the box. We put a quick video on our YouTube channel, check it out here.

Funky Purple came with us to Durdle Door so that we could see if it was any good. As campers will know, unless you have a serviced pitch the water taps are usually a short walk away from your tent and you need something to transport the water in. If you drink the amount of coffee that we do then that can be a lot of trips.

Camping water carrierIt holds 9 litres, and there is a useful level window/indicator on the side. The carrying handle is nice and cushioned/thick so that when you are carrying it whilst full. We had the kids refilling it without any problems.

Both the filling cap and dispensing tap have a white washer inside them that create a water tight seal. The carrier didn’t leak at all, they sealed nice and tight so that our kitchen area didn’t suffer any water leaks like we would always get with cheap carriers.

The dispensing tap has a nice quality feel to it and when in use it was smooth and gave a good pour. When you closed the tap, it sealed shut and didn’t drip any water.

Overall, the feel of the Colapz Liquid Carrier is high quality and seems to be made from materials that will last a very long time (we shall be taking it on every trip and will report any problems).

It’s made from food grade materials and it’s design makes it easy to rinse out ready for the next camping trip.

The materials are also UV resistant and frost proof, making for a long lasting and very durable product – Our initial findings are that this carrier is well worth the cost as you won’t be needing a replacement water carrier for a very long time. It seems very reliable, good quality and makes a pleasant change from needed a new water carrier each camping trip.

It seems very robust and looks to be very well made. It twists down quite flat and doesn’t take up much space, essential when going camping.

We will keep you updated.